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Chris + Sabrina Wedding Video Highlight

“God definitely handpicked each of us for each other. And there is no better person to coordinate our life and our story together. You make me so much better. You’re the only soul reasons of why I am, who I am, the man I am today”. – Chris

Their love story is a reflection of true connection, the unconditional love, the respect for each other, bringing out the best in each other, a true story of destiny. Am I becoming cheesy right, now? (LOL)

Thet and I are super impressed with this couples endeavors to share their personality and passions with their family. Chris and Sabrina chose an outdoor wedding, marrying under the little bamboo canopy at Huntington Beach. Happily, the weather was on our side. Bridesmaids and groomsmen walked with the biggest smiles and excitement on their faces.  There were happy tears and laughter all around the ceremony with Chris and Sabrina, and a number of guests feeling the emotion of the moment.

Chris and Sabrina both smile together. They laugh and giggle together and have so much fun in each other’s company. It’s wonderful being around with people who see the worlds in such a magnificent way. These two are the loveliest, laid back and happy couple and their wedding captured this vibe completely. Chris and Sabrina’s wedding is an event which reflected their personality and love for their family and friends in all aspects. The way all the guests just rolled with the unexpected events made it truly unique. This couple loves adventure, making the best of everything, and being with people they both love. It illustrated how much it meant that each and every one of their guests was there for this important occasion. The couple wanted to create an experience to their guests to celebrate how they are contributed to their lives and to show how thankful they are.

The reception went by in a whirl of laughter, game playing, food and dancing. Before long it was time for first dance. These two and their guests know how to dance and have a party. The dance floor was jumping with every generation enjoying the dancing. Their friends and family is such fun people and it was really privilege to celebrate with them. There were funny and heartfelt speeches, some riotous dancing and a lot of laughter.

It was a total pleasure to be a part of these two amazing people. Here is their love story. Enjoy the video!


Pasea Hotel and Spa Huntington Beach Wedding Preview: Sophath and Lucy

You might remember this couple from their Balboa Peninsula and Victoria Beach Engagement shoot.  We are definitely not over with that one, because this is it! Where the sky kisses the blue and clear sea.  Where we soak in the view of Pacific Ocean. When the sun is out; the soft and warm rays that tell us that this is the perfect day. Sophath and Lucy’s wedding is very much like this day- genial, familiar, perfectly wonderful.

                What are the chances that your former classmate comes into your life years later? That’s how charming their love story was. Serendipity, indeed! And the next thing they know is sitting next to each other and exchanging their eternal vows. And that’s how destiny works.

                The wedding celebrations seemed like a season to us, one that was pleasant and vibrant. It is smothered with lots of rose colored details to make those loving hearts beat a little bit faster. And the bride’s stunning gown. So much gorgeousness in that wedding dress, we should say!

                We had the best time running around to click photos with them. A close set of friends and family graced the occasion with more than enough space for us to move around and capture the moments. The quiet smiles; the stolen glances; that care-free random touch. These things are all unspoken yet tinkling loud and clear in every intimate wedding we get to see. And don’t forget all of Sopath and Lucy’s countless looks of love plus all the happy faces (and happy tears) of their friends and loved ones. We are very sure that everyone had fun and enjoyed that day.

                It was heartfelt day of celebration, filled with high spirits, warm smiles and hopeful wishes! Cheers to our hardworking Team for doing a fabulous job in snapping all those precious moments and they are all for you to see!

Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort Wedding Preview: Issa + Claire

                It was such a lovely day!  Thet and I love to shoot in a view like this. Picturesque. Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort has amazing views of the ocean. Beautifully festooned and endowed with well-designed backdrop.  But this wedding was so much more than that. It is Issa and Claire’s (who’s engagement session you might have seen a while back at Victoria Beach) wedding.

                They are both graphic design artist. I remember when Issa told us about Claire. “She is the most gorgeous and exceptional dancer for me. She is the ballerina of my life.”  There was a sweet laughter that only Issa could bring out form Claire, and the look in Issa’s eyes when he was looking for his future wife. Together, they glow in elegance with warmth emanating from them. It was a celebration of how these two amazing people managed to find each other way, and how this quiet love saw them all the way through to this day, and every day after. There couldn’t be a more perfect moment for these two lovebirds. We are grateful to be part of this intimate gathering.

                We remember Issa and Claire’s wedding as the elegant intimate weddings with many guests. I know that sounds strange using the word “intimate” for a big wedding. But going through the photos, these were the people who genuinely loved them and celebrated with them. So maybe intimate has nothing to do with the number, but with how much you are loved by the people around you. And they just happen to have many who do.

                The over-all atmosphere of their wedding is similar to the familiar feel of home. It has that familiar scent of love and a quiet sense of beauty. It was the day that has full of excitement and abundance of fun and laughter. Their reception was so alive! Everyone was dancing. It was the celebration of celebrations, filled with nothing but love and beauty. Our team is proud of giving you no less than a love story. Believe us, this is one gallery that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Scroll down to see more of these captured love story as shared by Russ and Thet Studio.

Orange County Wedding: Terry + Mimi

On a warmhearted day in July Terry and Mimi said “I do” in their fantastic Asian wedding – a wonderful representation of beauty and richness of their wedding traditions. One of the things that we love most about photographing wedding is when couple brings their own unique style to their big day. Terry and Mimi brought together elements of their cultural heritage to make their wedding truly theirs and memorable day at that.  

This was one of those remarkable, fun-packed, “wow” kind of weddings. There were so many little moments throughout the day. Mimi got ready in a room with her gorgeous bridesmaids. On the other room, Terry got ready with his groomsmen. It was a laid back morning. As is often the way on wedding mornings the time flew by and it was soon time for the ceremony.

Pavilion Park has plenty of space and spots for photos. The bridesmaids and groomsmen were great fun to take photos with. We share ideas for photos as a group and with the couple. Taking photos as a group is always a great way to capture reactions, happiness, friendship, and love.

We were impressed for the venue of the reception was stunning. The team who worked there are incredible. Terry and Mimi arrived at the gathering with cheers and shouts from their guests. There were smiles, happy tears and heartfelt words. There is no denying that the love and affection of everyone there for this happy couple.

As the sun finally disappeared beyond the horizon, our team captured the party in full flow and then left everyone to dance the night away. Thanks to Mimi and Terry for allowing us to document this wonderful occasion. It was fun! We are pleasured to be there and spend time with Terry, Mimi and their exceptional friends and family.

Enjoy browsing wonderful memories of Terry and Mimi’s wedding! 

Nick + Joyce: San Juan Capistrano Save The Date Video

MY SECOND TAKE ON SAVE THE DATE VIDEO: Horrendous traffic. Super early unanticipated sunset. Scarce source of natural light. Hightide. The events that happened on this shooting day could not be even worse.

The only reason that made our day is the fact that we are shooting the engagement session and save the date video of these friends. It is not a secret that I do not have any family member here in the west coast. But I have found a family in Joyce (and of course Nick). Joyce introduced Russell to Anne who introduced and referred him to the rest of their friends. They have always been the biggest supporters of Russell. And with that, I will be forever thankful to them. And it is only right to give them back the best thing we can offer- the best save the date video I can give them (engagement photos will be blogged soon!).

I hope you guys enjoy this video the same way I did when I watched it for the first time. :)



Mike and Diane: Mile Square Golf Course Wedding Photographer
We met Mike and Diane at our first major bridal expo held in Orange County. We were so nervous and we did not know what to expect. There were definitely great photographer exhibitors too and we thought that we will not be able to compete with these major players. 

We can still clearly remember how Diane and Mike approached us. At that time, we only have one 10x10 wedding portfolio and one 8x8 engagement album. Although we thought we had a great connection with them, our enthusiasm was shattered when we saw them SO engaged with another photographer, a reputable and well-known one. To our astonishment, they contacted us a month after the expo. We invited them to our humble studio and at that time, we have more albums and portfolio to showcase. They also asked if they can contact our previous clients so they can get feedback to which we happily provided them with three. Two weeks after, we signed the service contract. :)

During our engagement shoot logistics process, we presented to them locations and themes. They were so laid back and let us decide whatever we think will yield better images. That boosted our confidence. It was a 4-hour engagement shoot but it felt like just 2 hours. We didn't notice the time. It was truly a blast. Fast forward to their wedding day. Diane looked so gorgeous with her make up. Her gown was to die for, especially with the price it came with (Yeah, Diane is such a smart bride! hehehe). We also discovered that she is very art-sy.  Mike on the other hand, looked dapper on his suit. Before the ceremony, we had a quick tea ceremony at Diane's house. Both of them looked gorgeous wearing áo dài. Everyone was in their high spirits.  During the ceremony and reception, we saw lots of tear and heard so much laughter. We thought that they already forgot "how to be models" on their wedding day. But we were wrong again! They literally killed it! We had  their wedding album re-printed because their set is seriously bridal expo-worthy. Cheers to a happy and lasting marriage! Congratulations Mike and Diane! :)

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Ceremony and Reception: Mile Square Golf Course