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Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort Wedding Preview: Issa + Claire

                It was such a lovely day!  Thet and I love to shoot in a view like this. Picturesque. Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort has amazing views of the ocean. Beautifully festooned and endowed with well-designed backdrop.  But this wedding was so much more than that. It is Issa and Claire’s (who’s engagement session you might have seen a while back at Victoria Beach) wedding.

                They are both graphic design artist. I remember when Issa told us about Claire. “She is the most gorgeous and exceptional dancer for me. She is the ballerina of my life.”  There was a sweet laughter that only Issa could bring out form Claire, and the look in Issa’s eyes when he was looking for his future wife. Together, they glow in elegance with warmth emanating from them. It was a celebration of how these two amazing people managed to find each other way, and how this quiet love saw them all the way through to this day, and every day after. There couldn’t be a more perfect moment for these two lovebirds. We are grateful to be part of this intimate gathering.

                We remember Issa and Claire’s wedding as the elegant intimate weddings with many guests. I know that sounds strange using the word “intimate” for a big wedding. But going through the photos, these were the people who genuinely loved them and celebrated with them. So maybe intimate has nothing to do with the number, but with how much you are loved by the people around you. And they just happen to have many who do.

                The over-all atmosphere of their wedding is similar to the familiar feel of home. It has that familiar scent of love and a quiet sense of beauty. It was the day that has full of excitement and abundance of fun and laughter. Their reception was so alive! Everyone was dancing. It was the celebration of celebrations, filled with nothing but love and beauty. Our team is proud of giving you no less than a love story. Believe us, this is one gallery that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Scroll down to see more of these captured love story as shared by Russ and Thet Studio.

Gaby and Steve: Huntington Beach Wedding Photographer
Location: Huntington Beach Hotel

At last! After more than 8 months of not updating this blog, here is an update from Gaby and Steve's wedding (10/18/13). We've been getting quite a number of emails to update our website. And we could not count the number of apologies we have sent. Since we have opened our physical studio, things have been seriously crazy. But this should be the beginning of our wedding and engagement updates. :)

Anyway, we met Steve and Gaby during the infant stage of Russ and Thet Studio. We could not be happier that they trusted us to cover the most important day of their lives despite of the fact that we just barely started our photography business. We did not have a hard time photographing these two. Our cameras  just love them! Their wedding was graced with the closest and most important people in their lives. Gaby and Steve were so nice and kind. They have high standards when it comes to photos so we did not want to disappoint them. Steve looks dapper and handsome in his suit while Gaby looked like an elegant princess.  The details were to die for too! We totally dig their wedding. Here are some pictures to enjoy! :)




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