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Save The Date: Sabrina and Chris

If there is one word to best describe Sabrina and Chris, the most fitting adjective is the word "down to earth." We swear that this couple is one of the most chill client we ever had. Usually when we do save the date video, we give our clients instructions what they need to do. That was not the case for these two. They seemed to be natural, they do not need coaching.  It was like the beach was their playground. When they smile, their eyes are also smiling. That is when you know when a smile is natural and not forced.

We spent a good three hour shooting their engagement session at the beach. Too bad though that there were security officers on the day we had the shoot which prevented us from capturing aerial footage of the beach's beautiful landscape. Also, there are times when waves got crazier and so we had to stop. Fortunately, they brought few outfits which allowed them to have various looks. We truly enjoyed shooting their save the date video. :)

Save the Date: Eiro + Karen

If there is one thing to describe Karen and Eiro's engagement video, that would be HEARTFELT. The moment Karen knew what the questions were, she started to be emotional. Mind you, this is just a save the date video. We can only imagine how it is going to be when they exchange their vows on their wedding day. Watch and enjoy this one-minute clip as a preview of what you will see on their wedding day!

Save The Date: Diana and Andrew

Diana and Andrew have been together for such a long time that imagining them apart is not even possible. When we first met them, we knew how much they love and adore each other. The way Andrew talks about Diana and the way Diana looks at Andrew will tell you beyond words how they complete each other.

It has been awhile since we did their engagement session. On that day, we were surprised that Pasadena City Hall (which is a popular location for engagement shoot) was closed for a private function. The disappointment was redeemed when we went to our Plan B, Downtown Los Angeles where we achieved the images we were aiming for.  Although we were pressed with time, working together with Andrew and Diana was seamless. They allowed us to execute the extent of creativity we want to execute. As we did their engagement photo shoot, we also shot their save-the-date video. They have actually hired their wedding videographer but during that time, we were trying to establish our video portfolio. This is one of the last videoshoot from 2016 we are going to share. The next videos you will see are wedding highlights where we were able to fully maximize our video equipment. :) We hope you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed shooting it.

Nick + Joyce: San Juan Capistrano Save The Date Video

MY SECOND TAKE ON SAVE THE DATE VIDEO: Horrendous traffic. Super early unanticipated sunset. Scarce source of natural light. Hightide. The events that happened on this shooting day could not be even worse.

The only reason that made our day is the fact that we are shooting the engagement session and save the date video of these friends. It is not a secret that I do not have any family member here in the west coast. But I have found a family in Joyce (and of course Nick). Joyce introduced Russell to Anne who introduced and referred him to the rest of their friends. They have always been the biggest supporters of Russell. And with that, I will be forever thankful to them. And it is only right to give them back the best thing we can offer- the best save the date video I can give them (engagement photos will be blogged soon!).

I hope you guys enjoy this video the same way I did when I watched it for the first time. :)