Mike and Diane: Mile Square Golf Course Wedding Photographer

We met Mike and Diane at our first major bridal expo held in Orange County. We were so nervous and we did not know what to expect. There were definitely great photographer exhibitors too and we thought that we will not be able to compete with these major players. 

We can still clearly remember how Diane and Mike approached us. At that time, we only have one 10x10 wedding portfolio and one 8x8 engagement album. Although we thought we had a great connection with them, our enthusiasm was shattered when we saw them SO engaged with another photographer, a reputable and well-known one. To our astonishment, they contacted us a month after the expo. We invited them to our humble studio and at that time, we have more albums and portfolio to showcase. They also asked if they can contact our previous clients so they can get feedback to which we happily provided them with three. Two weeks after, we signed the service contract. :)

During our engagement shoot logistics process, we presented to them locations and themes. They were so laid back and let us decide whatever we think will yield better images. That boosted our confidence. It was a 4-hour engagement shoot but it felt like just 2 hours. We didn't notice the time. It was truly a blast. Fast forward to their wedding day. Diane looked so gorgeous with her make up. Her gown was to die for, especially with the price it came with (Yeah, Diane is such a smart bride! hehehe). We also discovered that she is very art-sy.  Mike on the other hand, looked dapper on his suit. Before the ceremony, we had a quick tea ceremony at Diane's house. Both of them looked gorgeous wearing áo dài. Everyone was in their high spirits.  During the ceremony and reception, we saw lots of tear and heard so much laughter. We thought that they already forgot "how to be models" on their wedding day. But we were wrong again! They literally killed it! We had  their wedding album re-printed because their set is seriously bridal expo-worthy. Cheers to a happy and lasting marriage! Congratulations Mike and Diane! :)

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Ceremony and Reception: Mile Square Golf Course