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The Wedding Video Highlight of Alex and Jessica

Alex and Jessica’s wedding was epic; full of wonderful moments. We love this wedding for so many reasons. It is not just because Murietta California was a gorgeous location of their wedding but because it had all the components that made it special. . Alex and Jessica were just so in love and it really showed in this video. They are really a “superb” couple. Their friends and family were just so supportive, fun-loving and loved them back with such intensity. Their guest made the party happening and the family members who treated our team as family.

Alex and Jessica were so loved by their friends and family. You can see it. The energy of that day was awesome. As they said their vows, Alex had only eyes for Jessica and her radiant face glowed with love. There were so many conversation, jokes, laughs, hugs and smiles in that evening. They were tightly wrapped up into each other. We witnessed that they are totally in love. The love that is unconditional and warm. The love that is selfless and giving. There were so many moments that were incredibly beautiful and it’s impossible to describe! Their wedding was stunning but more significantly it was FUN! Alex and Jessica are always laughing and the day was nothing short of laughter and fun.

Alex and Jessica’s wedding was truly a touching and memorable wedding for the team. It was a wedding that reminds us why we are doing what we do. We captured the love between these two individuals who are absolutely in love with each other. It’s a celebration of love, hope, gratefulness and happiness. Everyone was happy, it was perfect. This is the magic of videography; it is not just it can create stories but knowing that it made such a difference in someone’s life capturing memories that can relived again and again and  helping them remember the day, how they felt - it makes us truly happy.

To Alex and Jessica, thank you very much. Wishing the both of you a wonderful marriage together, may you always have that sparkle in your eyes as you look at each other through the years!

We are truly believed that you wedding coverage are not complete if you don’t include a video. Contact us here to inquire on our Wedding Packages. We hope you’ll enjoy this video!

Chris + Sabrina Wedding Video Highlight

“God definitely handpicked each of us for each other. And there is no better person to coordinate our life and our story together. You make me so much better. You’re the only soul reasons of why I am, who I am, the man I am today”. – Chris

Their love story is a reflection of true connection, the unconditional love, the respect for each other, bringing out the best in each other, a true story of destiny. Am I becoming cheesy right, now? (LOL)

Thet and I are super impressed with this couples endeavors to share their personality and passions with their family. Chris and Sabrina chose an outdoor wedding, marrying under the little bamboo canopy at Huntington Beach. Happily, the weather was on our side. Bridesmaids and groomsmen walked with the biggest smiles and excitement on their faces.  There were happy tears and laughter all around the ceremony with Chris and Sabrina, and a number of guests feeling the emotion of the moment.

Chris and Sabrina both smile together. They laugh and giggle together and have so much fun in each other’s company. It’s wonderful being around with people who see the worlds in such a magnificent way. These two are the loveliest, laid back and happy couple and their wedding captured this vibe completely. Chris and Sabrina’s wedding is an event which reflected their personality and love for their family and friends in all aspects. The way all the guests just rolled with the unexpected events made it truly unique. This couple loves adventure, making the best of everything, and being with people they both love. It illustrated how much it meant that each and every one of their guests was there for this important occasion. The couple wanted to create an experience to their guests to celebrate how they are contributed to their lives and to show how thankful they are.

The reception went by in a whirl of laughter, game playing, food and dancing. Before long it was time for first dance. These two and their guests know how to dance and have a party. The dance floor was jumping with every generation enjoying the dancing. Their friends and family is such fun people and it was really privilege to celebrate with them. There were funny and heartfelt speeches, some riotous dancing and a lot of laughter.

It was a total pleasure to be a part of these two amazing people. Here is their love story. Enjoy the video!


Save the Date Video: Alex + Jessica

“All you need is love, love. Love is all you need.”  - Beatles

            Now I’m singing one of my favorite song because for a singer like me (LOL) the song is easy to sing along.  It is simple and a little repetitive. But this is what Thet and I saw while shooting Alex and Jessica’s engagement. It is just as true as now when it is first written. Love gives life it’s meaning, and without it there isn’t much life at all.

The chemistry between them was evident and their attraction was just undeniable. How do we know that? Just look at how they smile together. Here, in this truly significant and incredible Joshua Tree National Park. These two were free to totally let go and be themselves, which is important. Another thing we loved about this shoot was how natural Alex and Jessica were in front of the camera. The couple’s shoot was great because they weren’t shy about showing their love and care about each other and needed almost no direction at all! It was full of joy, laughter and sweetness. They are young, sun, full of life and love.

An engagement shoot is kind of like a date. You are to enjoy your partner’s company, and we’ll just record it for you. Natural, beautiful, great way to make your friends and family excited for the big day. Couples just want to have fun, really. Thet and I think that the best ingredient of this shoot is FUN. Nothing too fancy, just something to enjoy with the person you are marrying.

Love truly is the greatest of God’s gift. It’s intangible but you can feel it. Alex and Jessica found one another and share the love in its purest form. It helps us grow and develop. But love doesn’t have to be rainbows and butterflies all the time and we know the couple believed in this. Love is what gets you through tough times with someone and the fact that you’ve been through those times is proof enough of the love you share. Valuing each other, support each other and love each other.

That’s simply substantiate that all we need is love. We are looking forward to shoot them on their special day. Save the date!

Enjoy your sneak peek!

Wedding Highlight: Diana + Louis
He is one of the nicest guys we have ever known. She is a social butterfly; ;life of the party. Together, they complement each other in so many ways. On their wedding day, everything was just perfect. From the make up, to flowers.. and all the way to the tiniest details. While Louie looked dapper in his suit, Diana was super stunning. She was incredibly gorgeous, but only second to Ella (LOL). We had fun shooting their wedding and so, we are ecstatic to share their wedding video highlight. Enjoy!