Carlos + Yadira: The Loft on Pine Wedding Photographer

Date: 05.09.15

Church: Sacred Heart Parish Los Angeles

Reception Venue: The Loft on Pine

Carlos and Yadira's wedding marks the wedding season for Russ and Thet Studio for 2015. Since we had a 3 month gap from our last wedding, this gave us enough time to think of the new things we can offer to our new clients.


First, while having traditional and candid photos of bridal parties are always good, we made our research how we can take photos of large bridal parties differently and more glamorously. Thus, the creation of poses ala-vanity fair (or novela/soap opera to some! hehehe). Of course, we always have a combination "super proud" ( it character or snooty? Bridesmaids love this!) and and those sweetest smiles shots. It's always good to have a variation. :)

Second, we are now offering Same Day Edit service

. What is a same day edit service? It is a photo slideshow of your wedding photos shown right before your wedding reception ends. It is a good investment as not all people have access to internet and not everyone have the time to engage in social media networks. Seeing your wedding photos on the same day of your wedding can be really exhilirating not just for you but your families and guests as well! As for Russ and Thet Studio, here is our very own definition of same-day edit.

Same-Day Edit


Combination of


wedding day and engagement photos put into one slideshow. This will be

shown right before your reception ends.

It will also include up to a maximum of 5 quickly-edited bride and groom portraits. 


Please click on the HD button for better viewing pleasure


Shout out to our third shooter, Vanessa of

Dedition and Victory Photography

for lending us a hand. The creation of the same-day edit was a breeze!


We will definitely blog and post more pictures about the perfect wedding day for Carlos and Yadira once we are finished editing the rest of their photos. For now, we would like to thank the following vendors who worked with us on this wedding (click on their names for the website links). All of them are highly recommended! 

Planning and Design




LVL Weddings


The Loft on Pine



Unboxed Images


Jay's Catering


Luxury DJs


The Cocktail Conceirge


Mr. Smiley Photobooth

Vintage Rentals:

Vintage Owl Rentals

Candy Bar:

Dainty Cakes and Paperie