Jeff and Ann: San Francisco Engagement Photographer


I have known Ann for almost half of my life. Although we majored different courses (I was a business major, she was a psych major) we were in the same college socio-cultural organization. We shared an amazing 4 years at University of the Philippines together. I am from Manila (the capital of the Philippines) and we would always go to their hometown (Bamban, Tarlac) to celebrate their annual town fiesta. It was always a "riot" as we would always indulge ourselves in karaoke.  We didn't mind their neighbors; we just sang to the top of our lungs, binge on delectable food and enjoyed booze like there is no tomorrow. LOL On another note, I have never met Jeff before. But despite of that, I know (I think) how he came to love Ann. Ann is one of the most amiable person I ever know. She is kind, caring, generous, beautiful and yes, oOohh so SEXY!!! When she loves, she gives her 101%. I only met Jeff during our 30-minute photo shoot (Yes, this was like an impromptu 30-minute engagement session for our intention was to stroll and roam around DT San Francisco). But at that point, I came to realize the reasons why he captured Ann's heart. Jeff is calm, humble yet confident and has a very good sense of humor (a plus for most of the ladies I know).  Whenever I look at them, I know that "this is a relationship build to last." We were actually fully booked on October 2014  but when she called me if we can cover her wedding, I said "yes" without batting an eyelash. I love Ann to death! We tagged along our little brat on our mini-vacay so Russ was the one who did most of the shots. Stay tuned for their wedding photos. But for now, here is their super short engagement session photos. :)

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