Ranchos Palos Verdes Wedding Preview: Eiro + Karen

“11 years and 30 days ago you came into my life. In front of the old library at LACC... I thank God that he has given me the most amazing, precious, beautiful, caring and compassionate person to spend the rest of my life with" - EIRO to KAREN, Wedding Vow

 The constancy of a soul mate is persistently challenged by the ever changing chapters in our lives. Should they endure with time, a maturing love shall encompass these challenges. Our couple is a testimony of it.

Eiro and Karen’s wedding was held at Rancho Palos Verde – known for large tracts of open spaces and expansive views of the Pacific Ocean. Stunning with range of trees – so you see, there’s no shortage of inspiration for their wedding photographs.

Karen looked beautifully elegant in her bridal gown complemented with personal touch of Karen’s heritage beautifully attached to her bridal bouquet. Eiro looked particularly dashing in his suit.  They were both radiant but completely overtaken by the joy of the day

The ceremony was held at Wayfarers Chapel – also known as the Glass Church. It’s unique and modern architecture blessed us with a lot of lights and gave us stunning photos.  Eiro and Karen said their vows surrounded by their very excited guests, all clearly thrilled to see the couple tie the knot. A happy few tears and lots of laughter made it really wonderful.

The setting has gorgeous landscaped, so we took a stroll around for some natural portraits and group shots. They are completely at ease as they enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. They ended the day with sparklers, a wonderful way to create a memorable evening for them and their guests.

Wedding photography is all about being at the right place and at the right time. Capturing moments beautifully would require us to be in right moment. They were literary strangers when they saw each other but it was the right place and the right time to start their perfect story.

We hope you enjoy this selection of photographs from their wedding. Enjoy the photos!