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Save The Date: Sabrina and Chris

If there is one word to best describe Sabrina and Chris, the most fitting adjective is the word "down to earth." We swear that this couple is one of the most chill client we ever had. Usually when we do save the date video, we give our clients instructions what they need to do. That was not the case for these two. They seemed to be natural, they do not need coaching.  It was like the beach was their playground. When they smile, their eyes are also smiling. That is when you know when a smile is natural and not forced.

We spent a good three hour shooting their engagement session at the beach. Too bad though that there were security officers on the day we had the shoot which prevented us from capturing aerial footage of the beach's beautiful landscape. Also, there are times when waves got crazier and so we had to stop. Fortunately, they brought few outfits which allowed them to have various looks. We truly enjoyed shooting their save the date video. :)

Orange County Engagement: Chris + Sabrina

We are so excited for the warm weather and the beautiful sunsets. This means more sessions on the beach and it also means more gorgeous photos! This is exactly what we got with Chris and Sabrina’s engagement photo shoot here at Victoria Beach - known for its white sandy beach and beautiful blue-green waters.  It is a perfect setting, and for them as a couple has an even greater significance.

 We started our session walking around in this beautiful sunny day with two really fun people. The couple was relaxed, which allows them to enjoy their day as it is unfolding, safe in the knowledge that their photos will reflect the joy and the love they have for each other. Chris and Sabrina were so much fun getting to know and having in front of our cameras. We enjoyed their down to earth attitudes and genuine spirits. They made us feel completely at ease and can clearly be seen in the stunning images that we produced throughout the day.

They really rocked their session. Every photos are beaming in love. They enjoy the shallow water of the beach, sandy feet and warm embraces. These two are adorable together – two people with unconditional love for each other. This engagement shoot is all about the story between two people full of love. The joy, the smiles, the love are captured in this beautiful shoot.

Thanks to Chris and Sabrina for helping us to create the magic together for this photo shoot. We had such an amazing time in our session.

They are tying the knot this coming August. It was such a pleasure to capture their love story and to capture their big day! And we are excited to share our work on this shoot. Enjoy!


Victoria Beach Engagement: Issa + Claire

Engagement shoots are so fun, and they’re a great opportunity to visit some of your favorite places as a couple, and capture gorgeous snaps while you’re there.  Not only they are lovely opportunity to spend time with your other half, but they are also great way to loosen up in front of your wedding photographer, have them learn how you naturally pose and get some casual but striking poses.

It was a beautiful day, the sky and the water is as blue as can they can be. You can listen carefully and you’ll hear waves lapping on the shore and feel the sand between your toes. Our amazing couple Issa and Claire took their engagement photo shoot her at the long white sandy Victoria Beach. Known for the Victorian La Tour Tower – the stair tower commonly referred to as a lighthouse structure.

Our couple was a bit self conscious when we started the engagement shoot, but their handsome photographer (LOL) instantly put them at ease and this is the breathtaking result. With super chic outfit changes, fun on the sun, kisses in the sea and snapshot into the laidback beach setting. They are like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together – complementing each other. Claire and Issa have the sweetest disposition and most kind hearts. We love the way they look at one another ad find comfort in each other’s arms.

We always start with a little warm up with all our couples and our couple nailed it? Thet and I love their facial expressions and personalities. They are absolutely perfect together.

Congratulations Issa and Claire! Wishing you all the best for your wedding plans, we are no doubt it will be one seriously stylish soiree!

Treat your eyes to this pretty engagement photos.

Victoria Beach/Yorba Park Engagement: Walter + Honey

We couldn’t resist sharing a romantic engagement shoot of our lovely couple, Walter and Honey. The session was captured here at the historic setting of Yorba Park. We love the flourish of natural colors of outdoors shoot which made a perfect backdrop for Walter and Honey flashy outfit.

They wanted a session with a picnic theme. They brought all the props, the flowers, sweets, and champagnes. This delightful shoot captured by our team with a simple and serene setting which gave us of lots of lovely lighter color tones, as well as making use of the lovely natural light. Walter and Honey wore outfits which complimented each other so well.  Not to mentions their kids, who are both stylish and smart.  The strong bond between them was evident from the start and very heart warming. The natural images which reflect the mood of the moment and some tenderness and affection between our couple is our ultimate goal. They were so playful yet wonderful tender with each other- a joy to photograph.

But we are still not over, Walter and Honey continued our engagement shoot at Victoria Beach. This shoot was calm, peaceful and dreamily romantic. As the sun lowered in the sky, we were able to capture beautiful tender moments between our lovely pair! The light was just beautiful that evening. The light gave options creating some interesting silhouettes. Walter and Honey were such good company and needed little direction. They’re so fit naturally together.

With the super talented photographer, Russ and Thet (LOL) capturing moments of our gorgeous couple. The style is just stunning. The light, the laughter, the love story - this makes for one seriously gorgeous engagement shoot.

Congratulations to Walter and Honey! We wish you happiness on your upcoming wedding.

We are delighted to share the results of our photo shoot.


Engagement Preview: Roy + Stephanie

How wonderful it is when couples are excited for things to come, when they look forward to the things that God has in store for them. We’re delighted to share Roy and Stephanie beautiful engagement sessions captured by our team! A sun filled day in Downtown Los Angeles. They chose a part of the city they loved to visit. They wanted a Downtown engagement shoot and an urban feel, but an elegant and pretty urban rather than a gritty urban. The beautiful areas with open spaces and great views. A little greenery and some beautiful buildings made for some great photos.

Roy and Stephanie had a specific vision for their day. They wanted it to be classy, fun and with a little glam thrown in the mix. The mood was light, relaxed but dull of excitement for the day ahead. They know how to laugh and enjoy the others company. When we met up with them we immediately were drawn to their fun personalities. Stephanie is energetic, fun and vibrant. Roy is more on the quiet side but he did bring us lots of laughs. Together they are super compatible ad such a joy to hang out with.

The gorgeous sunny day turned into warm and beautiful evening. We grabbed a few moment with the happy couple for some night time photos. Their pictures came out so romantic.

The setting in Downtown was certainly rad but the company was even better. That’s because Roy and Stephanie were completely relaxed, fun and were just good people. I mean they were genuinely awesome people and I hope our photos captured some energy because it was a great day.  We still have a really lovely time together and Roy and Stephanie were a total joy to photograph with and get to know a little better!

Roy and Stephanie, we just adore you both! We can’t wait to photograph your wedding next year. Enjoy some of our favorites from your shoot!

Santa Monica Engagement: Joe + Christina

This engagement shoot is all a propos of the story between two very young people very in love. We are delighted to share our photo shoot with Joe and Christina – walking hand in hand and the stories they are living in.

We have no excuse to visit the beach and today’s fabulous session takes us to the classic and golden sand of Santa Monica Pier Beach.  The shoot has such a hip vibe with the peaceful sandy setting of the ocean views. The enormous sun sinking into the Pacific, and we got much better than this because of our sweet and loving couple. It is not about all the pretty details, but the pure and true love that our couple wanted- to grow old together. The light, the soft breeze and the love makes this engagement shoot one of the calmest and dreamy set of image we are lucky to capture.

We had to move around quiet quickly, which was not an issue as Joe and Christina were so relaxed and came prepared to be amorous with each other! As the sun lowered in the sky, our team was able to document beautifully tender moments between our couple. With the majestic views of the Griffith Observatory as their backdrop, this incredible couple posed for an effortlessly chic shoot. Our spirits were not dampened. This kind of shoot is the emphasis of an engagement session which is beautifully relaxed.

This atmospheric engagement shoot in that beautiful evening told us their love story. They embraced the session, both having fun larking and creating intimate moments in a scenic setting. It is pretty fitting that our couple is sun, candid, romantic and beautiful. Our team knew that they would be very good fun and great to work with, so natural and fully enjoy each other’s company while we photograph them they are.

Thank you to Joe and Christina! It was a lovely evening. We really are looking forward to document your wedding. But for now, enjoy our photos and their love story.