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Los Angeles Wedding Sneak Peak: Louie + Diana

We love every bit of this fabulous wedding at Santa Fe Springs Heritage Park. Louie and Diana was such an awesome couple; stylish and so very lovely. This was one of those weddings we looked forward to from the moment Thet and I met them. We knew it would be brilliant day and it really was. 

Our day started by taking some details shots until Diana was a bit more advanced with her makeup. Ella, Louie and Diana’s daughter was a real sweetie. She looked enchanting in her pretty dress! Diana looked so elegant in her wedding dress and it was great to see they had chosen red dress for their bridesmaids. It’s a rare thing to see such a strong color but it worked wonderfully with the lovely lilac and purple flowers. And the personal touch was Diana’s heritage photos which she attached to her beautifully created bridal bouquet.  

The ceremony was in held in sacred and historic St. Rose of Lima Church. It was warm, intimate and truly charming location for the wedding. It wasn’t long before the gorgeous bride made an appearance, looking calm and happy. Diana made an entrance with her father, small wonder that Louie was overcome with emotion.  The Romanesque style provided a stunning background for images of the couple at the altar.

That wasn’t enough; at the reception we took Diana and Louie for some posed portrait and group shots. Santa Fe Springs Heritage Park lets you laze around among beautifully landscaped greenery and raise your spirits with the various historic influences in the area. There are so many enthralling and photogenic backdrops here. The restored depot with track and steam locomotive of the train is an irresistible setting for photos. Diana’s face is wonderfully expressive and both she and Louie were very relaxed in front of the camera which helped us create lovely intimate shots. The dress looked stunning and the veil gave us great opportunities for some lovely creative shots. It was beautiful and flowing photos. 

These moments which make us feel particularly privileged to be involved in a couple’s special day and entrusted to faithfully record their marriage and celebrations. Thank you to Louie and Diana to be part of this day. Scroll down to see what this amazing day was about!

Maggiano's Little Italy Wedding Preview: Ryan + Kit

Subtle simplicity is the way we can think to express the wedding of Ryan and Kit. They cut back on the details and focus more on them, on the experience of their day. They keep the décor and color simple to fit in the theme of their location. Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant is packed with unparalleled sense of class. The sophistication and one of a kind ambiance features a wide variety of settings.

Ryan and Kit chosen to keep the decorations very relaxed, simple, and elegant. The center pieces of the tables were varied white flowers, reflecting the simplicity and modesty of our couple. While the color of the wedding cake’s flower reflected the color of the bridesmaids dresses.

Kit chose a simple and elegant wedding dress, which she looked graceful and refined. While Ryan is a debonair in his gray suit.  Once the groomsmen and bridesmaid had all dressed up, we made the most wonderful Maggiano’s Restaurant to get them together for some pre-ceremony photos.

We decided to go out and do a bit of exploring for Ryan and Kit’s wedding photos. They wanted to make the most of the venue, so we took a few inside and then headed out for a walk around. We love it when we can take a bit of time away which gives the couple a chance to have some time alone together for the relaxed couple’s portraits. Ryan and Kit seemed happy to have a little time together to take all in. The setting is surrounded by Italian villa style architecture and finely manicured topiary was the picture-perfect backdrop. The fairy evening lights and character created luminous photographs that gave them so much romance and elegance.

It was a truly wonderful day. An out of ordinary venue with elegance and a lot of laughter and love. Thank you so much Ryan and Kit for asking Russ and Thet Studio to be a part of your day.

Below is a real representation of the moments we created around our beautiful clients!

Allure Banquet Van Nuys Wedding Preview: Joseph + Michelle

“I love you simply, without problems or pride:
I love you in this way because I don't know any other way of loving
but this, in which there is no I or you,
so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand,
so intimate that when I fall asleep, it is your eyes that close." – Joseph and Michelle, Wedding Vows.

 Joseph and Michelle are incredibly imperturbable and down to earth couple that got married at Allure Banquet. The day began at the hotel where both the bride and the groom were getting ready. The window light was perfect for getting those natural shots. There was a fabulous vibe and the close friendships were evident

During the ceremony, we could see Joseph’s nerves increasing as he turned to see his beautiful Bride walk down the aisle with her dad. .  Michelle looked stunning in her full-length lace gown and carried gorgeous fresh bouquet. We could see the emotions on the couple’s faces and to their guests during the wedding rites. It wouldn’t be a proper wedding without a load of emotions though! 

After the ceremonial, it wasn’t long before tears turned into joy and laughter was flowing again. We love it when the dance floor was packed – there were plenty of enthusiastic moves.

Allure Banquet Van Nuys is an amazing wedding location. The hall was a fabulous backdrop for some after dinner shots of the newlyweds. There was no shortage of fantastic opportunities for Joseph and Michelle’s portrait shots. As well as having the chance to create some natural shots of the couple. It was obvious how much these two love each other.

Thank you so much Joseph and Michelle for a wonderful day and entrusted us to document your marriage celebrations. We feel privileged to be part of your amazing day. Thank you to Sandra Flores Photography for sharing us your talent and helping us on the day.

These are some of the highlights.

San Gabriel Valley Wedding Preview: Dennis + Linda

Love is truly in the air when we photographed Dennis and Linda’s wedding. Their marriage ceremony was clean and simple, and still elegant and fun.  They keep it in succulent and simple to focus on their wedding celebration.

With all the preparations of wedding planning, there is something to be said of getting married in front of your dearest family members and friends. On a lovely warmhearted October day, Dennis and Linda brought their families together at San Gabriel Valley to witness their marriage. It was a saccharine and intimate ceremony. We were honored to be asked to capture it. They both wanted a small ceremony and reception with people they cared about the most.  And what a beautiful day it was. Linda is a natural beauty and she looked absolutely radiant in her choice of wedding gown and the flowers were very pretty. Dennis and his groomsmen looked very dapper in their suit.

The reception was followed by a perfectly simple decorated reception. And everyone was with warm hearts and sated tummies. Their portraits are beautiful and we can just tell how in love they are! The happiness in their smiles echoes the emotions of their hearts. Dennis and Linda wanted their wedding to be just simple as the day they met. I think it’s apparent from the photos that they carry out their goals! It was a wonderful day and filled with so much LOVE for this couple.

Thet and I are grateful to be a part of their story and the start of their journey. Thank you to Dedition and Victory Photography Nessa Rose Chicas for the collaboration and for those beautiful shots. 

To Dennis and Linda, we wish you all the best to your entire journey to a happy life. Enjoy the photos! 

Quiet Cannon Wedding: Nancy + Pablo
September 16, 2017. It was a fine sunny day. The bride was drop dead gorgeous with her beautiful dress and flawless make up. The groom was equally dashing and looking sharp on his suit. The bridal squad looked amazing and the groom's party all looked charming. Everyone enjoyed not just the ceremony but the great and overflowing food at the reception. The most awaited day of their lives finally happened. Witness Nancy and Pablo's wedding highlight below. Enjoy!
Double Tree Hilton Los Angeles Wedding Preview: Khai + Kelly

Wedding Date: 10. 07. 17
Ceremony and Reception Venue: Double Tree by Hilton Downtown Los Angeles

We capture the essence of this day- those magical moments that create a lifetime of memories. Khai and Linda is one of the loveliest people and perfect match couple. It doesn’t take much to see how Khai and Kelly are just right for each other. They have the most wonderful and fun loving family and friends who got behind them fully and helped to make it the day it was.

 I joined Kelly during the morning preparations, capturing the excitement of the getting ready time. From the start of the day you could see how amazingly happy Khai and Kelly were to be getting married. There were nerves, but the excitement easily took over those moments. The day has such remarkable memories for our team. The stunning set of rooms is the perfect place for some fantastic shots. The bride Kelly was total stunner in her off shoulder wedding dress. That dress spelled out feminity and grace.  We loved the plans that they included aspects of both their backgrounds to make their day truly unique to them and their guests would enjoy. Everything from the wedding cake, table decorations and the bridesmaid dresses, which was such a great idea. The flowers on the day were divine.

Khai and Kelly had the greatest time on their wedding day; there was so much merriment and few touching moments. They have been together a while and have the most incredible family. Smiles and laughter throughout the ceremony made it such a joyful event and this feeling continued during the day. After the ceremony, we took some natural portraits of our couple. They enjoy the impressive surroundings of Double Tree Hilton Hotel. The hidden gem of a garden was the perfect background for this lovely couple.

Thanks to Khai and Kelly. We are very fortunate to have spent this special day with you guys! We hope these images will illustrate milestones of their love story. Enjoy!


Quiet Cannon Wedding Preview: Pablo + Nancy

Wedding Date: September 16, 2017
Ceremony: Quiet Cannon, Montebello
Reception: Steve's Steak and Seafood House

Despite of a little delay after the ceremony, everything turned out to be perfect on this special day. We call Nancy and Pablo as our "chillest couple." We super duper love them. We can't wait to finish their wedding picture set so we can blog more photos of this gorgeous wedding. Enjoy the sneak peek!

Wedding Preview: Kevin + Frances

It was a very calm scene when our day started. The couple had chosen gorgeous flowers to create beautiful bouquet and a real natural feel totally fitted with the style of Kevin and France’s wedding. Their whole approach to the day was to enjoy themselves and have a wonderfully relaxed and happy day. They were totally true to their own style, from the choice of venue, the ceremony and the decorations.  Our couple had chosen to keep things simple, as the venue is quiet ornate which created a pretty, understated elegance to it.

One of the things we always love about wedding mornings is seeing the dress of the bride had chosen and the style they went for. Frances chose her wedding dress that fits her personality, her style and her shape. It was really elegant. And Kevin was such a debonair in his suit.

After the ceremony, we whisked our newlyweds away for a little wander to get some photos. There are so many spots for photos, with hidden corners and places to explore. It was radiant. Everyone was ready for a good party as Kevin and Frances took the floor for their first dance. It wasn’t long before everyone else piled onto the dance floor and the party really started. As the day continued, Frances had a quick outfit change. She wore stunning red dress for the evening look. Our day ended with a last dash out for a few shots with the couple. Every angle is photogenic.

The couple had planned for a simple and elegant wedding with a joyful celebration; they certainly achieved that and more. The whole day made for the most relaxed, yet elegant wedding at Coco Palm Restaurant.

 It was a pleasure to photograph Kevin and France wedding. They are the loveliest people and it was fabulous to a part of their wedding day. We hope you enjoy seeing their photos.


Orange County Wedding: Terry + Mimi

On a warmhearted day in July Terry and Mimi said “I do” in their fantastic Asian wedding – a wonderful representation of beauty and richness of their wedding traditions. One of the things that we love most about photographing wedding is when couple brings their own unique style to their big day. Terry and Mimi brought together elements of their cultural heritage to make their wedding truly theirs and memorable day at that.  

This was one of those remarkable, fun-packed, “wow” kind of weddings. There were so many little moments throughout the day. Mimi got ready in a room with her gorgeous bridesmaids. On the other room, Terry got ready with his groomsmen. It was a laid back morning. As is often the way on wedding mornings the time flew by and it was soon time for the ceremony.

Pavilion Park has plenty of space and spots for photos. The bridesmaids and groomsmen were great fun to take photos with. We share ideas for photos as a group and with the couple. Taking photos as a group is always a great way to capture reactions, happiness, friendship, and love.

We were impressed for the venue of the reception was stunning. The team who worked there are incredible. Terry and Mimi arrived at the gathering with cheers and shouts from their guests. There were smiles, happy tears and heartfelt words. There is no denying that the love and affection of everyone there for this happy couple.

As the sun finally disappeared beyond the horizon, our team captured the party in full flow and then left everyone to dance the night away. Thanks to Mimi and Terry for allowing us to document this wonderful occasion. It was fun! We are pleasured to be there and spend time with Terry, Mimi and their exceptional friends and family.

Enjoy browsing wonderful memories of Terry and Mimi’s wedding!