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Nohemi + Franco: SDE Wedding Video

What is SDE? SDE stands for Same-Day Edit. It is a wedding video highlight taken on your shown typically after reception dinner. That is fast, you might say. Yes indeed, the editing was done really fast. It is pretty intensed. Being hearing the "Wowww!" and the "Whooooah" will definitely make you feel that investing on your SDE is one of the greatest memories and experience you will leave for your wedding guests. 

Nohemi and Franco were two of the most calm and beautiful clients we had, EVER. While wedding can be realy fast-paced (and sometimes, chaotic!), these two are just...chill. Nohemi is beautiful but she was definitely, insanely gorgeous on this day. Her make up was perfect. Her dress, shoes and jewelry were to die for. She was a real-life princess in our eyes. Franco on the other hand, looked so sharp in his suit that you would have mistaken him as a GQ-model (no kidding!). If Nohemi and Franco were not our clients, we will definitely mistaken them as models.

From the getting read location, to the church to the reception venue- the details scream luxury and elegance. We can go on and on about how magnificent this wedding us but we'd rather show you their same-day edit to reminisce this beautiful celebation. We can't wait to finish their official wedding highlight!

If you are interested in getting our SDE service on top of our wedding video service, drop us a message. :)

All the wedding vendors did their fair share. It was like a dream team. 

Venue: Skirball Cultural Center
Church: St. Monica's Church, Santa Monica
Wedding Planner: Natalie Sofer Weddings and Events

Photographer: Kevin Dinh Photography
Band: Lucky Devil's Band
Photobooth: Dashing Events
Make Up Artist: Kat Laskey
Flowers: CJ Matsumoto & Sons