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Our 2018 Portraits Collection

“The days are long, but the years are short” – Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project Book.

This little saying resound and reminds us that life needs to cherished and treasured. We as photographers believe that we should celebrate and enjoy ourselves in every little moments; all stages in life, whether big o small.  Here is our 2018 collection of memories – forever immortalize in one frame. We love what we do for the reason that we get to capture this moments in time through our lenses.

Sometimes we are caught up with the usual daily life routines and barely have time to reflect on things that bring us utmost joy.  If we are sincere to ourselves, we will recognize the real connections with the precious people that make us happy.  If we can capture those little moments in life with these people and reflect on these memories when life throws us a rock or a hardball, we will begin to remember that feeling. That’s why photography helps you learn by heart on that.  Posing is above being placed in a specific position and having them hold still. It is not only capturing the moments. It is all about recollecting the happiness that relationships bring.

There are new and better camera phones yearly; it is not a flabbergasting idea that photography is practically a natural habit. But most of the time, we have snippets of so many memories taken without us being part of the picture. We invite you to book your next family, maternity, couple, or newborn sessions. We challenged you to include it in your budget (LOL)! Not viewed as an expense, but as an investment towards your future. You are building an album packed with happy memories.

Just a reminder, our Mini Sessions promo is until January 2019!  Give us a message or a call! But for the meantime, we’ll just cherish these memories and be brought back through time with captured moments. It is really our pleasure that we get to walk through life with our clients, taking photos of important moments in their lives.