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Los Angeles Wedding Video Highlights: Roy + Stephanie

The wonderful thing about videos is that you can record the emotions as it happened - the tears, smile, laughter and love. It’s so special. It transports you back to the exact and precise moment as it happens. Years later, as you look back on your wedding video, it will bring you back to that particular moment.

Roy and Stephanie are such cheerful and fun character. Laughter is absolutely a key element to their happy wedding. It was easy to laugh, enjoy our every moment in this event.  But tears were also shed at this wedding. Bighearted warm hugs are given, kinds words exchange and most importantly, love was present. It was a kind of wedding that focuses on a long term episode – the marriage. A wedding that reminds your love prevails over everything.

Roy and Stephanie’s wedding had all the elements that made it special for us as a team. They are cool couple who really cared about us as individuals, not just as vendors. We enjoyed ourselves enormously at their wedding! We hope this wedding video of our amazing couple – Roy and Stephanie will give you a glimpse into our thoughts and motivations and why we keep on doing what we do. To Roy and Stephanie, may you enjoy years of treasured moments together as a couple and with the people that signify the most to you in life.

December is our favorite time of the year! Everyone is in good mood and so we are here to share out some extra cheer! If you are planning on getting married next year, let’s seat down and talk. Book a non-committal appointment with us now to see our special offer wedding packages for 2019! 

Downtown Los Angeles Wedding Sneak Peek: Roy + Steph

We first met Roy and Stephanie when we got together for their engagement shoot last year at Downtown Los Angeles. Fast forward to their wedding day! We first spend our time with Stephanie and her bridesmaid. We just love capturing the excitement and friendship as the time for the ceremony gets closer and close. Stephanie’s warm, bubbly personality comes out wonderfully in the images of the preparation before the wedding. I made my way to meet Roy and his groomsmen as they gathered in a suite. There are lots of laughter and a few drinks while everyone gets dressed up and looking fabulous.

The ceremony was held at the church – a truly sensational venue. We are blessed with a beautiful clear light that gave a soft glow to the church interior. Stephanie’s face was radiant, with smile that lit up the place. They say picture tells a thousand words and the images of Roy and Stephanie together speak volumes!

After a very touching ceremony at the church, the wedding party headed off to Sheraton Universal Hotel for the reception and celebrations! And one of the things we enjoy about wedding photography is capturing the informal, spontaneous moments of the day. There’s a lot of joy and laughter at weddings, but also for the bride and grooms in particular – nerves, anticipation and excitement. Both Roy and Stephanie and expressive and both were absolute joy to work with.

It was a joyous celebration - full of happiness! Smiles and laughter during the ceremony made it such a happy event and this feeling continued throughout the day. Wedding generally takes on the vibe that the bride and the groom bring for the day. For Roy and Stephanie, it was relaxed, fun and totally loved up and happily all their guests brought the same feeling. It was brilliant to capture the hilarity.

What a fantastic day - a fantastic couple, warm family and friends. Thank you for making us feels so welcome- what a fun packed day!

Here is a small selection of some images from the day. It’s great to capture this part of the story.

San Gabriel Valley Wedding Preview: Dennis + Linda

Love is truly in the air when we photographed Dennis and Linda’s wedding. Their marriage ceremony was clean and simple, and still elegant and fun.  They keep it in succulent and simple to focus on their wedding celebration.

With all the preparations of wedding planning, there is something to be said of getting married in front of your dearest family members and friends. On a lovely warmhearted October day, Dennis and Linda brought their families together at San Gabriel Valley to witness their marriage. It was a saccharine and intimate ceremony. We were honored to be asked to capture it. They both wanted a small ceremony and reception with people they cared about the most.  And what a beautiful day it was. Linda is a natural beauty and she looked absolutely radiant in her choice of wedding gown and the flowers were very pretty. Dennis and his groomsmen looked very dapper in their suit.

The reception was followed by a perfectly simple decorated reception. And everyone was with warm hearts and sated tummies. Their portraits are beautiful and we can just tell how in love they are! The happiness in their smiles echoes the emotions of their hearts. Dennis and Linda wanted their wedding to be just simple as the day they met. I think it’s apparent from the photos that they carry out their goals! It was a wonderful day and filled with so much LOVE for this couple.

Thet and I are grateful to be a part of their story and the start of their journey. Thank you to Dedition and Victory Photography Nessa Rose Chicas for the collaboration and for those beautiful shots. 

To Dennis and Linda, we wish you all the best to your entire journey to a happy life. Enjoy the photos! 

Quiet Cannon Wedding Preview: Pablo + Nancy

Wedding Date: September 16, 2017
Ceremony: Quiet Cannon, Montebello
Reception: Steve's Steak and Seafood House

Despite of a little delay after the ceremony, everything turned out to be perfect on this special day. We call Nancy and Pablo as our "chillest couple." We super duper love them. We can't wait to finish their wedding picture set so we can blog more photos of this gorgeous wedding. Enjoy the sneak peek!

Nohemi + Franco: SDE Wedding Video

What is SDE? SDE stands for Same-Day Edit. It is a wedding video highlight taken on your shown typically after reception dinner. That is fast, you might say. Yes indeed, the editing was done really fast. It is pretty intensed. Being hearing the "Wowww!" and the "Whooooah" will definitely make you feel that investing on your SDE is one of the greatest memories and experience you will leave for your wedding guests. 

Nohemi and Franco were two of the most calm and beautiful clients we had, EVER. While wedding can be realy fast-paced (and sometimes, chaotic!), these two are just...chill. Nohemi is beautiful but she was definitely, insanely gorgeous on this day. Her make up was perfect. Her dress, shoes and jewelry were to die for. She was a real-life princess in our eyes. Franco on the other hand, looked so sharp in his suit that you would have mistaken him as a GQ-model (no kidding!). If Nohemi and Franco were not our clients, we will definitely mistaken them as models.

From the getting read location, to the church to the reception venue- the details scream luxury and elegance. We can go on and on about how magnificent this wedding us but we'd rather show you their same-day edit to reminisce this beautiful celebation. We can't wait to finish their official wedding highlight!

If you are interested in getting our SDE service on top of our wedding video service, drop us a message. :)

All the wedding vendors did their fair share. It was like a dream team. 

Venue: Skirball Cultural Center
Church: St. Monica's Church, Santa Monica
Wedding Planner: Natalie Sofer Weddings and Events

Photographer: Kevin Dinh Photography
Band: Lucky Devil's Band
Photobooth: Dashing Events
Make Up Artist: Kat Laskey
Flowers: CJ Matsumoto & Sons