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Downtown Los Angeles Wedding Sneak Peek: Roy + Steph

We first met Roy and Stephanie when we got together for their engagement shoot last year at Downtown Los Angeles. Fast forward to their wedding day! We first spend our time with Stephanie and her bridesmaid. We just love capturing the excitement and friendship as the time for the ceremony gets closer and close. Stephanie’s warm, bubbly personality comes out wonderfully in the images of the preparation before the wedding. I made my way to meet Roy and his groomsmen as they gathered in a suite. There are lots of laughter and a few drinks while everyone gets dressed up and looking fabulous.

The ceremony was held at the church – a truly sensational venue. We are blessed with a beautiful clear light that gave a soft glow to the church interior. Stephanie’s face was radiant, with smile that lit up the place. They say picture tells a thousand words and the images of Roy and Stephanie together speak volumes!

After a very touching ceremony at the church, the wedding party headed off to Sheraton Universal Hotel for the reception and celebrations! And one of the things we enjoy about wedding photography is capturing the informal, spontaneous moments of the day. There’s a lot of joy and laughter at weddings, but also for the bride and grooms in particular – nerves, anticipation and excitement. Both Roy and Stephanie and expressive and both were absolute joy to work with.

It was a joyous celebration - full of happiness! Smiles and laughter during the ceremony made it such a happy event and this feeling continued throughout the day. Wedding generally takes on the vibe that the bride and the groom bring for the day. For Roy and Stephanie, it was relaxed, fun and totally loved up and happily all their guests brought the same feeling. It was brilliant to capture the hilarity.

What a fantastic day - a fantastic couple, warm family and friends. Thank you for making us feels so welcome- what a fun packed day!

Here is a small selection of some images from the day. It’s great to capture this part of the story.

Engagement Preview: Roy + Stephanie

How wonderful it is when couples are excited for things to come, when they look forward to the things that God has in store for them. We’re delighted to share Roy and Stephanie beautiful engagement sessions captured by our team! A sun filled day in Downtown Los Angeles. They chose a part of the city they loved to visit. They wanted a Downtown engagement shoot and an urban feel, but an elegant and pretty urban rather than a gritty urban. The beautiful areas with open spaces and great views. A little greenery and some beautiful buildings made for some great photos.

Roy and Stephanie had a specific vision for their day. They wanted it to be classy, fun and with a little glam thrown in the mix. The mood was light, relaxed but dull of excitement for the day ahead. They know how to laugh and enjoy the others company. When we met up with them we immediately were drawn to their fun personalities. Stephanie is energetic, fun and vibrant. Roy is more on the quiet side but he did bring us lots of laughs. Together they are super compatible ad such a joy to hang out with.

The gorgeous sunny day turned into warm and beautiful evening. We grabbed a few moment with the happy couple for some night time photos. Their pictures came out so romantic.

The setting in Downtown was certainly rad but the company was even better. That’s because Roy and Stephanie were completely relaxed, fun and were just good people. I mean they were genuinely awesome people and I hope our photos captured some energy because it was a great day.  We still have a really lovely time together and Roy and Stephanie were a total joy to photograph with and get to know a little better!

Roy and Stephanie, we just adore you both! We can’t wait to photograph your wedding next year. Enjoy some of our favorites from your shoot!

Engagement: Chi and Kathy
This blog needs a lot of updating to do... as in BIG TIME! We had quite a number of event coverage since our last blog entry but we got backed up with work. :(

Anyway, here is Kathy and Chi's engagement photo session. For the last 6 clients that booked us, they found us through the power of internet. We feel so humbled that without any personal referral, these people trust us to cover (probably) the most important event of their lives. Kathy was the one who actually  booked us. We only met once in a coffee shop and after our presentation, she booked us on the spot!

During our shoot, it took a while before Chi to 'warm up.' I must admit that we were quite hesitant at first to ask them to do something for us as we find Chi soOoOoooo prim and proper. But contrary to what they say, 'first impression never last.' LOL Why? As soon as we hit Malibu, Chi was so "game" in whatever we asked them to do. I just hope we had a better weather on that day. :(

But to be perfectly honest, this couple doesn't need a lot of coaching to do. The camera just loved them. We'll just let you be the judge. Enjoy the pictures!