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JC and Yas: Castaway Wedding Photographer
Location: The Castaway, Burbank

JC and Yas were referred to us by our former client, Bing and Peter. Some people prepare their wedding in 6-12 months. We prepared our wedding for almost two years. JC and Yas? We call them buzzer beaters. Why? Can you think of a couple who prepared a beautiful wedding in just two weeks? Yep, you read it right. Two weeks. When Yas called and told us that their wedding will be in two weeks, we were stunned. How are we supposed to prepare the logistics for the photoshoot? This is where God's guidance came in because everything went well during our engagement session. What is more interesting is that I found out that the three of us (Yas, JC and I--- Thet here speaking!) worked for the same company. I was just a couple of years ahead of them. This is the reason why when I asked them how their love story started, I coined it as the "Office Encounter." These two have been together for a long time already before they tied the knot. They defied the test of time, life's trials and I guess, each other's patience. LOL 

Their wedding was well-attended by their closest friends and dear extended family members. There were tears of joy, laughter, diva-like singing (courtesy of Hannah and Angel!) and heartfelt speeches. The ceremony location was lovely, food was awesome and everyone appeared to have great time. Wished we had more hours to capture this one heck of a wedding celebration. To JC and Yas, this is a long overdue post but then again...

Happy 1st Anniversary JC and Yas! Cheers to lovelier and more fruitful married years ahead! :)


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