Patrick and Joy: Glendale Wedding Photographer

If preparing a wedding is to be compared to a basketball game, we can say that Patrick and Joy are "buzzer-beaters." With barely a month for their church wedding, Patrick and Joy found us through another wedding client of ours. When they saw

Max and RJ's engagement session

, they immediately contacted us for a consultation. On our consultation day, we signed the service contract and started preparing their

engagement sesssion


Ditch the idea that their wedding is less than 20 days ahead. We just enjoyed every moment of it. 

Our engagement session was super fun and awesome.  However, their wedding session was even more awesome. Joy looked really stunning with her Vera Wang wedding gown while PJ could pass as a GQ model for wearing his

Al Weis Suit

. We had their ceremony in Duarte while their reception was held at the very elegant

Royal Palace Banquet Hall

. We say this over and over again, there is no such thing as perfect wedding. Since a wedding is a fast-paced event, glitches and delays happen. What we really like about Patrick and Joy is the fact that they are "just chill" couple.  In retrospect, this was one of the most organized, detail-oriented, fun and heartfelt wedding we have covered. We are so honored to share Patrick and Joy's wedding day photos. :)