Jeff and Ann: The River Mill At French Camp Wedding Photographer

"A perferct marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other."


One of the things we always remind our client is to just enjoy their wedding day. Forget the bad weather. Forget the delays and other unfortunate events. We are glad that Jeff and Ann followed our advice. On their wedding day, Jeff and Ann were just 'chill.' No amount of rain can dampen Jeff and Ann's spirit. Of all the days that it is going to rain, the hardest one happened on their wedding day. It was supposedly a gorgeous early morning garden wedding. Unfortunately, they had to transfer and improvise a last-minute indoor ceremony. The sky was so dark but it was outshined by the beaming smiles of the wonderful people who witnessed the union of these two beautiful souls. The sun only decided to say "hello" to us an hour before the reception ended so we took advantage of the remaining 30-minutes we have to take some portraits. Ann looked stunning on her wedding gown and Jeff was equally looking dapper on his barong tagalog. Their wedding was indeed an intimate but funfilled memories. They also impressed their wedding guests with their dance moves! (Oh Lord! They were just super super super awesome!). It never dawned on us when we met them and had their super quick engagement session in downtown San Francisco that they got the moves! It was a short and intimate wedding but truly one of the most memorable one on our list. :)

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