Ben and Amaris: Whittier Wedding Photographer


A wedding doesn't have to be lavish to be memorable. It only takes a gourgeous bride, a dashing groom, a crazy (in a good way) bridal party and guests who want to witness and share the happiness of the union of two souls to make a wedding an celebration to remember.

When we met Amaris at a minor bridal expo we attended, we knew at that point we wanted to be part of their wedding. Maybe it is because the way she looked at our photos. Maybe it was her super friendly demeanor. Or maybe it was just her elegant beauty (especially her very expressive eyes) that captured our hearts that made us realize, "We NEED her to be part of our portfolio!" Every soon-to-be-married couple don't want to start their married life having debt from wedding expenses.  Everyone wants to work with their budget. We were slightly beyond their budget. But when we met them for a consultation and Ben was introduced to us, it made us want to close the deal even more. We were willing to meet them half-way. Ben is the type of person that when he speaks, everyone will listen. He speaks so eloquent that he can probably sell ice in the North Pole (LOL). Aside from his good looks, Ben also has a very good sense of humor. We had an uber great time during their engagement session. Ben and Amaris are the most super down-to-earth couple we have ever met. There was just an instant connection. These being said, we negotiated; we compromised and yeah, we closed the deal.

We had the perfect weather on their wedding day. Of course, there is really no such thing as perfect wedding. Delays and other unevitable things happen. But despite of these, we can confidently say that their wedding is one of the most successful and organized wedding we have attended. Ben and Amaris had a Christian wedding (and that equates to a lot of lighting and space restrictions!) and an intimate reception. There were lots of tear of joy and dozens of moments where everyone burst into laughter. Thanks to the speeches (for the tears of joy) , to their master of ceremony for upholding a very lively reception and to Vanessa and Daniel for the song number that everyone enjoyed! Although this is 5 months too late, we still want to say, Congratulations Ben and Amaris!!!!!

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