Burbank Wedding and Same-Day Edit Montage: JC and Yas

JC and Yas were referred to us by Bing and Peter. When Yas inquired about our wedding services, I was surprised to learn that their wedding is set in two weeks time and they still wanted to do their engagement session. Wheewwww! Two weeks? Dang! That is a record to beat! Heck, we prepared our wedding for 19 months and yet here they are. But you know what is so nice about this couple? They are so kind-hearted and so cool. Whenever I look at the both of them, their aura kind of give me this sense of feeling that everything is going to be alright. So I pretty knew that although difficult, they can pull off a gorgeous wedding in two-weeks time.

Ok, let's talk about their love story. It was during that 2007 fateful birthday year of JC when he met Yas. They worked for the same company but had different shifts so they hardly see each other. Little did they know that days after the first time that they met, they were actually praying (and anticipating!) that they will see each other again.Who knows when but they have always hoped that God would intervene and fate will let them see each other in one of the many hall ways in the office. Until one day.. they finally met! Got the chance to talk to each other, built rapport instantly and bang! They have been inseparable since then. As if they already knew that they would end up with each other, every decision that they make is always towards for their future. After six years of togetherness, nothing has changed. The same sparks and *kilig* moments are still there.

Their wedding was one of the most emotional weddings I have ever witnessed. Yas' sister and cousin are awesomely crazy that they made everyone laugh when they delivered their speeches and uhmmm..song numbers? LOL On the other hand, speeches from JC's mom and sisters were soOooOoOo emotional that I almost asked for a tissue. *sniff sniff*

Anyway, we knew that Yas has always wanted to have a same-day edit. During their couple portrait session (just right after the ceremony), I went on Houdini mode as I tried to do the same-day edit that Yas has always wanted. Unlike in the Philippines where you get a third or even a fourth hand, there was just Russell and I so it was kind of hard to pull of a presentation like this. Nevertheless, we did it in less than 1 hour! So we surprised JC and Yas with this same-day edit which was shown shortly after the formal dinner. The applause and praises we got for this photo slideshow were definitely worth the effort. Enjoy the slideshow! :)

(P.S. This video is posted in low resolution for faster loading. If you will click on the HD link, it will redirect you to another link which will give you HD viewing pleasure.)