Jelynn + Ross E-session

Remember my FB status update about watching the movie Rosario? We'll that's the concept I had in mind for this photoshoot. I had to search for some inspirations (costumes, accesories, location) so that the couple and I can pull this photo shoot. I think for 2 taxing months, I made Jelynn's life "miserable." Hats off to her and to Ross for pulling it all through. :) Ditch the thousands of pesos you need for a concept shoot. Jelynn made a lot of "labor of love" for this pictorial.

We almost didn't have this photo shoot. We were supposed to have this pictorial done indoor at Bahay Nakpil but we had to cancel it last minute. The weather yesterday was really not that cooperative too. But I guess, prayer really works! Thank God! We had a perfect weather today.

Jelynn and Ross are both my college friends. I shared an apartment with Jelynn for 4 years. Ross was the head of our socio-cultural organization in U.P. and in 1999, Jelynn and I (together with Len and Ann) were the first batch of neophytes of that year...

I didn't make enough editing done in these photos, just a few color treatment. I am still mastering the art of "retouching." For the 2-hour shoot that we had today, I managed to snap 300 photos. Ah huh, you bet! I just randomly selected few photos to be posted here as I don't really wanna pre empt the photo slideshow Im gonna make for these dear friends. So I am saving all the photo tweaking for their AVP.

Wedding is 3 weeks from now. I am just grateful that Jelyn was able to pull off the kind of costume and props I had in mind. Of course, thanks to Jelynn's good friends Jelly and Chloe for helping us with this shoot. I just soOo love the hair and make up. It was soOooO perfect. My request for smokey eyes, red lips and hair curl were perfectly executed. Thanks to my block mate Alvin Bais too for being such a good driver. The last 4 photos though were unedited. I wanna save these pictures in their unaltered version. We were just practically goofing around then as it was the last 5 minutes of our shoot before I head to MOA to attend mass with sisters in law. I had so much fun, really. :)

See in you Clark guys in 3 weeks! -Thet

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