Benj & Beej : 08.09.10

Church: Our Lady of Remedies (Malate Church)
Hotel Preparation: G Hotel

I almost had to cancel this photo service gig. Last minute, my camera just decided to be on "leave". I had to borrow one from my sister in law. The weather, days before this wedding was also not that good. But I guess, malakas si Beej kay Bro :) The weather during this day was really nice. No rain and yet, not so humid.

Beej and Benj's wedding is one of the most challenging back up photo task for me. Imagine this scenario: 4 people from the photo team, 4 people from video team, make up artist team, couturier team and some family members of the bride in one bridal suite. I really had a hard time finding my angles. As a back up photographer, one should never interfere with how the main photographer is going to execute the pictorial. I can only go to angles where main photographers could not cover.

Photographer's call time was set at 10:30am. I was running late at the call time I imposed to myself (9:30am). I was really surprised to see the very famous lawyer cum wedding photographer, Atty. Raymond Fortun running from the room adjacent to the bride's room. He was all smiles and he actually opened the door for me. I find him not just really nice but also very professional. He knows his craft, that's for sure and beyond reasonable doubt. LOL

It was too bad that when I came, the photo-video team were already done with the groom. I didn't have the courage to got to the groom's suite so I ended up just having photos of the bride. Beej's family is really nice, especially his parents. They are very warm. The mother of the bride was really kind while the father is so chika to me. Reminds me of my own father. :) I can tell from the way to talk to each other that they are one close family. I dig thsi wedding. On time and totally stress-free.

To Beej and Benj, may you have a blissful married life ahead. :)





beej and benj








My idol trying to come up with a master piece. :)

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