July 3, 2010 : Michelle and Julius

Church: Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral

Reception: Oasis Manila

Hotel Preparation: Crowne Plaza

July 3, 2010 is probably one of the most memorable dates of my life. This is the day where I "officially" served as a back up photographer on a real wedding. Talk about first time. I also learned a lot of lesson from this event- from securing transportation mode, to having back up camera batteries/flash, to making sure that photographers should have baon for quick snacks. LOL (Edit: It was my fault actually. I didn't get to eat a lot with the lunch that the couple provided. I had a late breakfast that's why. But one photographer from Vignette told me a secret- to keep a sandwhich or skyflakes handy. Hehehe!) This was a very tiring day. I was just a back up photographer. Thus, I didn't get the priority of having good angles. But I enjoyed every second of it. I was on a high. Really happy.

Now, let's talk about the couple. Michelle and Julius is a very sweet and nice couple. All through out the day, they made me feel at ease. It's their day. They should be treated special. But it went the other way around. Every now and then, Michelle a.k.a. Potsay would always check on me, asking me if I was ok. Julius, on the other hand, made me feel welcomed. Both of them have a very warm and nice family too. Potsay's hair and make up was superb. For a minute, I thought that she had air brush make up, only to be informed few minutes later that she just had the traditional make up. She has a very good make up artist, I must say. She was really stunning on her wedding day. Browsing her prenup photos made me realize that she lost a lot of weight. She still owes me her secret. Hehehe! Julius was equally dashing on his Onesimus suit. Too bad though that I didn't get ample time to shoot for Julius. I guess he can forgive me for spending too much time and attention on Michelle. Weddings are brides' day anyway. LOL (I will make sure that on my future engagements, I will spend equal time with the groom!). Over all, they had a small yet very meaningful wedding. I saw lots of tears of joy and heard laughters from hotel all the way to reception. I love the make up,the accessories, the gowns, and the food was really superb too. I just love their wedding. I am very happy that I became a part of it!

That said, I hope you'll enjoy the pictures that I took as much as I did. And oh, happy belated birthday to you Julius! :D




Super love the shoes!




Stunningly Beautiful Bride







The Matron of Honor a.k.a The Crying Lady Dentist: I wonder how it's gonna be when it's her turn.


Happy Birthday Jul!