Engagement: Apol and Janice

Location: Bahay ni Aguinaldo, Kawit Cavite

Remelville Subdivision, Noveleta Cavite

Pol and Janice is the last couple Russell shot during his stay in the country. Well actually, Russell almost decided not to give this engagement pictorial a go since he already met his "quota". On top of that, I almost backed out too after seeing the inspiration photos for the vintage theme they are trying to pull through. We just couldn't afford hiring a prenup stylist and having the studio props that we saw in the set of photos that Janice sent us. But since Janice is the sister of his very good friend from college, he practically can't say NO and I don't want to burst the bubble of an upcoming bride either. I was once a bride and I definitely know the excitement that Janice feels over having an engagement pictorial. Initially, we had issues with the date of the shoot. Ours and theirs didn't meet halfway. When we finally agreed on a specific date, location shoot was the next problem. We no longer want to shoot inside Intramuros. It's just so used (and abused). Janice suggested to have it done in Imus but she later on realized that the park near Imus Cathedral is not an ideal place to shoot especially during Sundays. There is just too much crowd. I suggested Kawit Shrine (Bahay ni Aguinaldo). I was just hoping that we would be allowed to shoot inside the park but Janice has her own way of making magic. She used her charm(she is soOooo chika if you will meet her in person you know) to the Kawit Shrine Administrator and so they were able to gain permission too shoot right inside the house itself (It is really not allowed to shoot inside the house.). Best of it all, it is for FREE !!! It was a bummer though that I was sick on the exact shooting day so I was not able to join Russell. I met Pol and Janice when they are already shooting inside Remelville Subdivision where my in-laws live. I was able to take few shots. It's not hard to see that Apol is very comfortable in front of the cam although I am not sure if he is used to taking pose in front of a photographer. You can see so much emotion in his eyes when ever he tries to strike a pose. Janice and Pol's engagement pictorial is a super fab way of ending the prenup shoot series that Russell did during his short stay in the Philippines. Russell was able to shoot inside the house without any dramatic lights to enhance the photos. He just exploited the available light- sunlight!

Here are few pictures to share. Enjoy! (You can see the rest of the prenup pictures here.)