Balboa Peninsula and Victoria Beach Engagement: Sophath + Lucy

            One of our favorite things about being a photographer is getting to visit places we wouldn’t necessarily get to go to otherwise. And now, we are going to Balboa Peninsula for the Sophath and Lucy’s engagement session. It was timely escape from the busy everyday life in the city.

            They were both a bit quiet when the shoot was starting out. If you take them separately, they’re a bit reserved, but when you put them together and they look at each other, the smiles just come bursting forth. But our engagement shoot to the Peninsula wouldn’t be complete without taking a picture and a ride to the Balboa’s famous Ferris wheel. True love can make any situation more comfortable. We love how Lucy lights up for him. We saw how happy they were it just felt like they were the only two people there.

            We continued our photo shoot at Victoria Beach which known for its medieval-looking tower rising from the sand. It is visible from the beach at low tide which is picture perfect scenery. Our session was like a one long silent conversation. They said so much to each other and about themselves, but without using words. Sophath is a quiet guy. He doesn’t say much at all. But he says so much in the way he looks at Lucy. It was amazing to watch. They wanted to photograph as they are. It was just the two of them, my team, our cameras, the birds and the waves. It’s that simple; It’s just who they are.

            Forehead kisses and sunset by the sea. There’s a certain melancholy that comes with shooting at the beach, spent with two people wondrously in love with each other. For Sopath and Lucy, it’s as if the universe conspired to bring them together. And yes, we may have just lifted that from a quote but hearing the couple’s story, it definitely rings true that line. This gallery is for sure is a faithful testament to that.

Congratulations on your engagement! We can’t wait for the wedding!

Los Angeles Arboretum Engagement Session: Dylan + Rianna

We absolutely love Los Angeles Arboretum and were lucky enough to shoot here for Dylan and Rianna’s engagement shoot. Here is a vast Oasis of beauty, tranquility and nature at its best. The location is really diverse in terms of looks in photography. There are unique spots throughout the acreage that really provide a photographer like us an opportunity to get creative. 

We planned their engagement shoot and were thrilled to get a gorgeous sunny day. We like this to be relaxed, fun and no stress. We wander and chat. There’s no pressure to do anything or to be something that you are not. As a photographer, Thet and I, usually take the lead from how they are as a couple. Dylan and Rianna were a little nervous to start, but soon got into the swing of it and enjoyed cuddling and spending time together.

The grandeur of capturing the early evening light was never disappointing. Their love for each other is full of passion and respect. They are clearly a great match. The photographs will tell it all. We feel the good chemistry between them in those moments so we did not want to move them from that good energy. Dylan and Rianna are young lovers who have stood the test of time. It’s very obvious that their love for each other runs deeper that mere infatuation. Spending time with them is very easy and very lovely. They are comfortable in each other’s company and clearly perfect together. It was lovely spending our photo shoot.

We wandered enjoying the session, chatted loads about their wedding plans and what they are looking forward to with the big celebrations coming up. We are all very excited about the fact the next time we could catch up would be on the wedding day! Thet and I can’t wait to shoot their special day!

Huntington Beach Wedding Preview: Chris + Sabrina

From the first time we met our “down to earth” couple from their engagement beach photo shoot, it seemed like we had been waiting for this big day for ages (LOL). Maybe because we are always looking forward to each one with more enthusiasm, and we couldn’t have been more excited when Chris and Sabrina’s big day is finally here!

Today’s couple Chris and Sabrina, were sweethearts by the sea as they sealed their lifelong vows amidst picturesque beach wedding attended by family and close friends. What’s so great about beach wedding is that, nature is beautiful as it is, there’s really little need for enhancement. The clear skies, pristine blue waters and fine white sand made such gorgeous back drop for their lovely ceremony.

Chris and Sabrina wanted a day that celebrated both of them and their love for one another. No frill, no fancy. They chose the Huntington State Beach because they thought it would be a perfect place to get married as it represented the very things they hold so dearly - adventure, peace, love and positivity.

There was something so lighten and joyful about the atmosphere of this day, which was made out genuine and stunning smiles. A gorgeous setting with sunflower smiling and glowing bride and groom. There couldn’t have been a better day for Chris and Sabrina’s wedding. The sun was shining, the water was calm, and there was a slight breeze. It was just perfect. The hop, skip and jump allow us to capture beautiful beach portraits and it was so much fun to photograph.

We enjoyed every minute of Chris and Sabrina’s special day. It was a total joy to photograph their wedding. They are the loveliest, happiest and warmest couple. It’s almost impossible not to smile when you see the photos. Hope this has brought a little sunshine back in your life today.

Embrace love.