Los Angeles Arboretum Engagement Session: Dylan + Rianna

We absolutely love Los Angeles Arboretum and were lucky enough to shoot here for Dylan and Rianna’s engagement shoot. Here is a vast Oasis of beauty, tranquility and nature at its best. The location is really diverse in terms of looks in photography. There are unique spots throughout the acreage that really provide a photographer like us an opportunity to get creative. 

We planned their engagement shoot and were thrilled to get a gorgeous sunny day. We like this to be relaxed, fun and no stress. We wander and chat. There’s no pressure to do anything or to be something that you are not. As a photographer, Thet and I, usually take the lead from how they are as a couple. Dylan and Rianna were a little nervous to start, but soon got into the swing of it and enjoyed cuddling and spending time together.

The grandeur of capturing the early evening light was never disappointing. Their love for each other is full of passion and respect. They are clearly a great match. The photographs will tell it all. We feel the good chemistry between them in those moments so we did not want to move them from that good energy. Dylan and Rianna are young lovers who have stood the test of time. It’s very obvious that their love for each other runs deeper that mere infatuation. Spending time with them is very easy and very lovely. They are comfortable in each other’s company and clearly perfect together. It was lovely spending our photo shoot.

We wandered enjoying the session, chatted loads about their wedding plans and what they are looking forward to with the big celebrations coming up. We are all very excited about the fact the next time we could catch up would be on the wedding day! Thet and I can’t wait to shoot their special day!

Save The Date: Sabrina and Chris

If there is one word to best describe Sabrina and Chris, the most fitting adjective is the word "down to earth." We swear that this couple is one of the most chill client we ever had. Usually when we do save the date video, we give our clients instructions what they need to do. That was not the case for these two. They seemed to be natural, they do not need coaching.  It was like the beach was their playground. When they smile, their eyes are also smiling. That is when you know when a smile is natural and not forced.

We spent a good three hour shooting their engagement session at the beach. Too bad though that there were security officers on the day we had the shoot which prevented us from capturing aerial footage of the beach's beautiful landscape. Also, there are times when waves got crazier and so we had to stop. Fortunately, they brought few outfits which allowed them to have various looks. We truly enjoyed shooting their save the date video. :)

Orange County Engagement: Chris + Sabrina

We are so excited for the warm weather and the beautiful sunsets. This means more sessions on the beach and it also means more gorgeous photos! This is exactly what we got with Chris and Sabrina’s engagement photo shoot here at Victoria Beach - known for its white sandy beach and beautiful blue-green waters.  It is a perfect setting, and for them as a couple has an even greater significance.

 We started our session walking around in this beautiful sunny day with two really fun people. The couple was relaxed, which allows them to enjoy their day as it is unfolding, safe in the knowledge that their photos will reflect the joy and the love they have for each other. Chris and Sabrina were so much fun getting to know and having in front of our cameras. We enjoyed their down to earth attitudes and genuine spirits. They made us feel completely at ease and can clearly be seen in the stunning images that we produced throughout the day.

They really rocked their session. Every photos are beaming in love. They enjoy the shallow water of the beach, sandy feet and warm embraces. These two are adorable together – two people with unconditional love for each other. This engagement shoot is all about the story between two people full of love. The joy, the smiles, the love are captured in this beautiful shoot.

Thanks to Chris and Sabrina for helping us to create the magic together for this photo shoot. We had such an amazing time in our session.

They are tying the knot this coming August. It was such a pleasure to capture their love story and to capture their big day! And we are excited to share our work on this shoot. Enjoy!