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Fallbrook Hacienda Wedding Preview: Kelson + Citadel

It was a real pleasure to photograph Kelson and Citadel elegant Fallbrook Hacienda Wedding. We’ve worked with Citadel alongside many times and have been our team’s second shooter for our wedding projects. We share the same unobtrusive way of operating, so it was like we made a really good team in their own wedding! (LOL).  Fast forward to their big day, we were bright and just as excited as Kelson and Citadel. Things were in full flow, with make-up being done by talented Huong Pham.  We have known Citadel since early of 2018, but it was rather exciting; the giggles, smiles and happy nerves followed. As is often on wedding preparations, the time flew by and it was very soon time Citadel to get into her dress. Citadel had chosen beautiful and elegant dress by D'Angelo Couture. The floral was made by Patricia added a dash of color and softness to the motifs.

Fallbrook Hacienda is one of those wedding venues that quite simple take your breath away. It has a unique, amazing venue. The variety of atmosphere and the beautiful grounds makes it such magical jewel and as wedding photographer, I couldn’t ask for more. Two amazing people surrounded by their loved ones and very excited guests. All clearly thrilled to see the couples tie the knot and celebrating their love.  Their fur baby Athena joined and celebrated with them that made it a really wonderful ceremony.

Their gorgeous day turned into equally gorgeous evening, although the sun had just dipped down behind the clouds and were running out of natural light because of some delays. It was a challenge but also opportunity for a creative photographer like me (LOL). The light was still lovely and soft though; we had a little walk around the grounds to capture beautiful photos of our happy couple Kelson and Citadel.

Thanks to Kelson and Citadel! Your positivity and energy was refreshing. Everyone looked amazing. We love these guys. Congratulations to us, we really made a good team in your wedding! It is a pleasure to share this lovely gallery of their love story. Enjoy browsing their photos!



Murrieta Wedding Sneak Peek: Alex +Jessica

You might remember this couple from their engagement session at anthropomorphic and sculpted land of Joshua National Park. Alex and Jessica’s wedding day took place at the “Gem of the Valley”- Murietta, California. It was magnificent land blessed with verdant open spaces dotted with towering oak trees and sycamores. It’s the perfect location to host an entire wedding day, from the preparations through the party. 

Their wedding was one that we had been looking forward to. Alex and Jessica are couple that’s exceptionally easy to love. They were gorgeous people who were genuinely kind, and unapologetically saccharine towards each other.

Our team photographed both bride and groom preparations on that day. It has a fabulous space where our couple can go and prepare ahead of their big day. One of the things we always love about wedding morning is seeing the dress of our bride has chosen and the style they went for. Jessica’s gorgeous bridal dress was something that fits her personality ad her style. She had a few butterflies at the start but the flurry of smiles, hugs and all got down to the job of getting ready to have an amazing day.  

It was swiftly followed by the wedding ceremony. It felt like the whole world was speechless as they looked at each other for the first time as husband and wife. The bride and groom exchanged their vows in front of all their friends and family.

After the nuptials, the couple mingled with their guest at the reception. The couple designed the day to look exactly like them. The day was so relaxed and full of genuine moments. We went for a wander to have some photos – relaxed and natural images. We love when couple has so much love between them that it shows naturally in every photograph. The weather was perfect for the afternoon drinks reception and everyone was in a fine mode, this lovely atmosphere carried through to the evening followed by a proper party. 

It was such a great experience to be part of this happy celebration. We really felt like one of the family. Alex and Jessica were so welcoming, so joyful and a real laugh around. Marriage isn’t a destination, it’s a journey, and we know their journey is going to be awesome.

Here are some of the images from that wonderful special day.

Downtown Los Angeles Wedding Sneak Peek: Roy + Steph

We first met Roy and Stephanie when we got together for their engagement shoot last year at Downtown Los Angeles. Fast forward to their wedding day! We first spend our time with Stephanie and her bridesmaid. We just love capturing the excitement and friendship as the time for the ceremony gets closer and close. Stephanie’s warm, bubbly personality comes out wonderfully in the images of the preparation before the wedding. I made my way to meet Roy and his groomsmen as they gathered in a suite. There are lots of laughter and a few drinks while everyone gets dressed up and looking fabulous.

The ceremony was held at the church – a truly sensational venue. We are blessed with a beautiful clear light that gave a soft glow to the church interior. Stephanie’s face was radiant, with smile that lit up the place. They say picture tells a thousand words and the images of Roy and Stephanie together speak volumes!

After a very touching ceremony at the church, the wedding party headed off to Sheraton Universal Hotel for the reception and celebrations! And one of the things we enjoy about wedding photography is capturing the informal, spontaneous moments of the day. There’s a lot of joy and laughter at weddings, but also for the bride and grooms in particular – nerves, anticipation and excitement. Both Roy and Stephanie and expressive and both were absolute joy to work with.

It was a joyous celebration - full of happiness! Smiles and laughter during the ceremony made it such a happy event and this feeling continued throughout the day. Wedding generally takes on the vibe that the bride and the groom bring for the day. For Roy and Stephanie, it was relaxed, fun and totally loved up and happily all their guests brought the same feeling. It was brilliant to capture the hilarity.

What a fantastic day - a fantastic couple, warm family and friends. Thank you for making us feels so welcome- what a fun packed day!

Here is a small selection of some images from the day. It’s great to capture this part of the story.

Riverwalk Golf Course San Diego Wedding Preview: Dylan and Rianna

You might remember this couple from their Los Angeles Arboretum engagement session couple of months ago before this big day. We’re definitely still not over that one.  All the lovely little details was so them.

When a wedding is set amidst lush greenery and foliage, it’s romantic, refreshing and invigorating. We have always loved a wedding that is surrounded by nature’s best. River walk Golf Course San Diego is the lovely venue for Rianna ad Dylan road to forever. The undulating fairways and manicured green areas with visually stunning backdrop creates an array of picturesque imagery. We want to capture the connection between the couples photograph in which reflect the relationship between a couple. And here is the perfect one.

Riana chose the most beautiful details and accessories for her wedding day. Her gown was a showstopper and was stunning sparkled in just the right place. Riana looked a dream in her long, floating veil.

We were lucky enough to have a beautiful golden light by the time came for the portrait shots. Dylan and Rianna had previously had an engagement shoot with our team so they’d already gone through that learning curve – they could just focus on each other and enjoy. The beautiful landscapes gave us plenty of opportunity for soft-focus backdrops and wonderful images. Dylan during portraits would guide her so tenderly with the placement of his hand on her back. It was incredibly chivalrous and romantic. The bridesmaids and groomsmen was such a happy chaos. There was such an exciting vibes.

For the new Mr and Mrs. Carangalan, thank you so much for having us join your special day. You guys were such a joy to work with. We wish you nothing but love and happiness. Looking forward to watching your family grow and all the good things life has to offer you!

Below are just handful of our favorite wedding photographs from this amazing day at Riverwalk Golf Course San Diego.

Pasea Hotel and Spa Huntington Beach Wedding Preview: Sophath and Lucy

You might remember this couple from their Balboa Peninsula and Victoria Beach Engagement shoot.  We are definitely not over with that one, because this is it! Where the sky kisses the blue and clear sea.  Where we soak in the view of Pacific Ocean. When the sun is out; the soft and warm rays that tell us that this is the perfect day. Sophath and Lucy’s wedding is very much like this day- genial, familiar, perfectly wonderful.

                What are the chances that your former classmate comes into your life years later? That’s how charming their love story was. Serendipity, indeed! And the next thing they know is sitting next to each other and exchanging their eternal vows. And that’s how destiny works.

                The wedding celebrations seemed like a season to us, one that was pleasant and vibrant. It is smothered with lots of rose colored details to make those loving hearts beat a little bit faster. And the bride’s stunning gown. So much gorgeousness in that wedding dress, we should say!

                We had the best time running around to click photos with them. A close set of friends and family graced the occasion with more than enough space for us to move around and capture the moments. The quiet smiles; the stolen glances; that care-free random touch. These things are all unspoken yet tinkling loud and clear in every intimate wedding we get to see. And don’t forget all of Sopath and Lucy’s countless looks of love plus all the happy faces (and happy tears) of their friends and loved ones. We are very sure that everyone had fun and enjoyed that day.

                It was heartfelt day of celebration, filled with high spirits, warm smiles and hopeful wishes! Cheers to our hardworking Team for doing a fabulous job in snapping all those precious moments and they are all for you to see!

Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort Wedding Preview: Issa + Claire

                It was such a lovely day!  Thet and I love to shoot in a view like this. Picturesque. Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort has amazing views of the ocean. Beautifully festooned and endowed with well-designed backdrop.  But this wedding was so much more than that. It is Issa and Claire’s (who’s engagement session you might have seen a while back at Victoria Beach) wedding.

                They are both graphic design artist. I remember when Issa told us about Claire. “She is the most gorgeous and exceptional dancer for me. She is the ballerina of my life.”  There was a sweet laughter that only Issa could bring out form Claire, and the look in Issa’s eyes when he was looking for his future wife. Together, they glow in elegance with warmth emanating from them. It was a celebration of how these two amazing people managed to find each other way, and how this quiet love saw them all the way through to this day, and every day after. There couldn’t be a more perfect moment for these two lovebirds. We are grateful to be part of this intimate gathering.

                We remember Issa and Claire’s wedding as the elegant intimate weddings with many guests. I know that sounds strange using the word “intimate” for a big wedding. But going through the photos, these were the people who genuinely loved them and celebrated with them. So maybe intimate has nothing to do with the number, but with how much you are loved by the people around you. And they just happen to have many who do.

                The over-all atmosphere of their wedding is similar to the familiar feel of home. It has that familiar scent of love and a quiet sense of beauty. It was the day that has full of excitement and abundance of fun and laughter. Their reception was so alive! Everyone was dancing. It was the celebration of celebrations, filled with nothing but love and beauty. Our team is proud of giving you no less than a love story. Believe us, this is one gallery that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Scroll down to see more of these captured love story as shared by Russ and Thet Studio.

Huntington Beach Wedding Preview: Chris + Sabrina

From the first time we met our “down to earth” couple from their engagement beach photo shoot, it seemed like we had been waiting for this big day for ages (LOL). Maybe because we are always looking forward to each one with more enthusiasm, and we couldn’t have been more excited when Chris and Sabrina’s big day is finally here!

Today’s couple Chris and Sabrina, were sweethearts by the sea as they sealed their lifelong vows amidst picturesque beach wedding attended by family and close friends. What’s so great about beach wedding is that, nature is beautiful as it is, there’s really little need for enhancement. The clear skies, pristine blue waters and fine white sand made such gorgeous back drop for their lovely ceremony.

Chris and Sabrina wanted a day that celebrated both of them and their love for one another. No frill, no fancy. They chose the Huntington State Beach because they thought it would be a perfect place to get married as it represented the very things they hold so dearly - adventure, peace, love and positivity.

There was something so lighten and joyful about the atmosphere of this day, which was made out genuine and stunning smiles. A gorgeous setting with sunflower smiling and glowing bride and groom. There couldn’t have been a better day for Chris and Sabrina’s wedding. The sun was shining, the water was calm, and there was a slight breeze. It was just perfect. The hop, skip and jump allow us to capture beautiful beach portraits and it was so much fun to photograph.

We enjoyed every minute of Chris and Sabrina’s special day. It was a total joy to photograph their wedding. They are the loveliest, happiest and warmest couple. It’s almost impossible not to smile when you see the photos. Hope this has brought a little sunshine back in your life today.

Embrace love.

Ranchos Palos Verdes Wedding Preview: Eiro + Karen

“11 years and 30 days ago you came into my life. In front of the old library at LACC... I thank God that he has given me the most amazing, precious, beautiful, caring and compassionate person to spend the rest of my life with" - EIRO to KAREN, Wedding Vow

 The constancy of a soul mate is persistently challenged by the ever changing chapters in our lives. Should they endure with time, a maturing love shall encompass these challenges. Our couple is a testimony of it.

Eiro and Karen’s wedding was held at Rancho Palos Verde – known for large tracts of open spaces and expansive views of the Pacific Ocean. Stunning with range of trees – so you see, there’s no shortage of inspiration for their wedding photographs.

Karen looked beautifully elegant in her bridal gown complemented with personal touch of Karen’s heritage beautifully attached to her bridal bouquet. Eiro looked particularly dashing in his suit.  They were both radiant but completely overtaken by the joy of the day

The ceremony was held at Wayfarers Chapel – also known as the Glass Church. It’s unique and modern architecture blessed us with a lot of lights and gave us stunning photos.  Eiro and Karen said their vows surrounded by their very excited guests, all clearly thrilled to see the couple tie the knot. A happy few tears and lots of laughter made it really wonderful.

The setting has gorgeous landscaped, so we took a stroll around for some natural portraits and group shots. They are completely at ease as they enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. They ended the day with sparklers, a wonderful way to create a memorable evening for them and their guests.

Wedding photography is all about being at the right place and at the right time. Capturing moments beautifully would require us to be in right moment. They were literary strangers when they saw each other but it was the right place and the right time to start their perfect story.

We hope you enjoy this selection of photographs from their wedding. Enjoy the photos!

Taglyan Cultural Complex Wedding Preview: Henry + Kat

Wedding Date: September 10, 2017
Ceremony and Reception Venue: Taglyan Cultural Complex

It is always in the simplest gestures that great joy resides, like the glance of the eye which flickers the soul. Such little moments make for great memories. A divine moment of love between Henry and Kat.  They celebrated their union in this beautiful European-inspired venue – Taglyan Cultural Complex.  The breathtaking backdrops never failed us for awesome photographs.

A beautiful day at the most stunning venue for this lovely couple as they married amongst friends and family.  Kat make-up creates the perfect balance of elegance while keeping a soft and natural look. She looked so pretty and elegant in her dress and it was great to see they had chosen green for the bridesmaids. Their dresses work wonderfully with the dramatic stained glass ceiling of the complex. Henry looked so regal and handsome in his suit.

Their beautiful ceremony was such a sweet moment to be a part of and our team love that we are able to capture these sweet intimate moments that are the beginning of a lifetime. Kat was so calm and collective. They are such an amicable couple with genuinely lovely set of family and friends.

A beautiful day turned into a stunning evening with glorious light, so we took the opportunity for another little wander into the magnificent garden with the couple for some “golden hour” portraits. The night was full of great moments.

Deepest gratitude to Henry and Kat for bringing our team along to capture their momentous wedding day. We wish you both so much love, light and promise for the years that we know you will cherish forever.

A brilliant day in a beautiful venue with amazing people. You really couldn’t get much better. This images sums up Henry and Kat perfectly, smile and more laughter. Hope you enjoy the photos!