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Save the Date Video: Alex + Jessica

“All you need is love, love. Love is all you need.”  - Beatles

            Now I’m singing one of my favorite song because for a singer like me (LOL) the song is easy to sing along.  It is simple and a little repetitive. But this is what Thet and I saw while shooting Alex and Jessica’s engagement. It is just as true as now when it is first written. Love gives life it’s meaning, and without it there isn’t much life at all.

The chemistry between them was evident and their attraction was just undeniable. How do we know that? Just look at how they smile together. Here, in this truly significant and incredible Joshua Tree National Park. These two were free to totally let go and be themselves, which is important. Another thing we loved about this shoot was how natural Alex and Jessica were in front of the camera. The couple’s shoot was great because they weren’t shy about showing their love and care about each other and needed almost no direction at all! It was full of joy, laughter and sweetness. They are young, sun, full of life and love.

An engagement shoot is kind of like a date. You are to enjoy your partner’s company, and we’ll just record it for you. Natural, beautiful, great way to make your friends and family excited for the big day. Couples just want to have fun, really. Thet and I think that the best ingredient of this shoot is FUN. Nothing too fancy, just something to enjoy with the person you are marrying.

Love truly is the greatest of God’s gift. It’s intangible but you can feel it. Alex and Jessica found one another and share the love in its purest form. It helps us grow and develop. But love doesn’t have to be rainbows and butterflies all the time and we know the couple believed in this. Love is what gets you through tough times with someone and the fact that you’ve been through those times is proof enough of the love you share. Valuing each other, support each other and love each other.

That’s simply substantiate that all we need is love. We are looking forward to shoot them on their special day. Save the date!

Enjoy your sneak peek!

Save The Date: Sabrina and Chris

If there is one word to best describe Sabrina and Chris, the most fitting adjective is the word "down to earth." We swear that this couple is one of the most chill client we ever had. Usually when we do save the date video, we give our clients instructions what they need to do. That was not the case for these two. They seemed to be natural, they do not need coaching.  It was like the beach was their playground. When they smile, their eyes are also smiling. That is when you know when a smile is natural and not forced.

We spent a good three hour shooting their engagement session at the beach. Too bad though that there were security officers on the day we had the shoot which prevented us from capturing aerial footage of the beach's beautiful landscape. Also, there are times when waves got crazier and so we had to stop. Fortunately, they brought few outfits which allowed them to have various looks. We truly enjoyed shooting their save the date video. :)

Save The Date: Jah and Richard

Jah and Rich have been dating for over 15 years. 15 freaking years?!! That's almost half of the lifetime for most of our clients. We can only imagine how many ups and downs,  challenges and trials they have been through. And after all these years, their relationship is still getting stronger. Less than a month from now, they will finally (it is about darn time!) tie the knot. :)

Early this year, Jah reached out to us, introduced themselves and shared to us how they envisioned their wedding celebration is going to be. After few exchanges of emails and setting proper expectations, we both signed the contract. The deal was officially 'sealed' even without meeting each other. Right then and there, trust was built between us.

We did not meet Jah and Rich until mid-August when we shot their save-the-date video shoot.  Instantly, we can tell that there was an instant rapport between the client and the vendor. It was as if we have known each other for quite some time. Shooting their video was such a breeze. That is why we could not wait for their wedding to happen this September!

Save The Date Video: Kat and Henry

Kath and Henry are one of the most laid back clients we ever had. They are so chill and went with the flow which made their engagement shoot a breeze. We have so much to tell about this amazing couple but we are going to save those stories on their full wedding blog. For now, we want to share this save the date engagement video. :)

Save the Date: Eiro + Karen

If there is one thing to describe Karen and Eiro's engagement video, that would be HEARTFELT. The moment Karen knew what the questions were, she started to be emotional. Mind you, this is just a save the date video. We can only imagine how it is going to be when they exchange their vows on their wedding day. Watch and enjoy this one-minute clip as a preview of what you will see on their wedding day!

Vanessa and Ruben: Wedding Shower and Engagement Video

Some people say that true love is hard to find. While others had the opportunity(ies)to explore that thing called LOVE, few have given up their hopes of finding the destined one. For some, the cloud nine they are feeling for being loved and feeling in-love make them a bit weary; for fear that the moment they are living is just a figment of their fantasy.  Luckily for Vanessa and Ruben, they are living the reality.

Just a little over a month from now, Vanessa and Ruben will share the most momentuous day of their lives. Together, their families and friends will be their witnessess as they commit theirselves to one another into the sanctity of marriage. And we will be there too; as we capture the tears of joy, sound of laughters, warm hugs and tender kisses. But for now, we hope you enjoy this short video of their wedding shower and impromptu engagement session. 



Nick + Joyce: San Juan Capistrano Save The Date Video

MY SECOND TAKE ON SAVE THE DATE VIDEO: Horrendous traffic. Super early unanticipated sunset. Scarce source of natural light. Hightide. The events that happened on this shooting day could not be even worse.

The only reason that made our day is the fact that we are shooting the engagement session and save the date video of these friends. It is not a secret that I do not have any family member here in the west coast. But I have found a family in Joyce (and of course Nick). Joyce introduced Russell to Anne who introduced and referred him to the rest of their friends. They have always been the biggest supporters of Russell. And with that, I will be forever thankful to them. And it is only right to give them back the best thing we can offer- the best save the date video I can give them (engagement photos will be blogged soon!).

I hope you guys enjoy this video the same way I did when I watched it for the first time. :)