Los Coyotes Country Club Wedding Highlight Video: Nathan + Vanessa

Thet and I find it bewildering how fortunate chances can lead two strangers in love. We’ve always believed in destiny – that if things are meant to be, the universe will make it happen. And this is one of story. We captured Nathan and Vanessa from their engagement session in the eclectic and historic old town of Pasadena last year. And this is the time we are all waiting for. They are getting married! We could not be happier joining them on their big day.

Their wedding day rolled around. It’s always special to capture the bride and the groom getting ready for their big day. The anticipation and excitement is something like they will never experience again. Nathan might have preferred to play it calm, cool and collected, but like most grooms, he just couldn’t hide his excitement on this special day. He couldn’t stop smiling. While Vanessa is on the other room, is getting ready with the girls. Bridal Prep is a norm. Emotions are high with tears and laughter.  It was no different from this couple. Hopeful moments that they’ll both love looking back on.

Reminiscing over Nathan and Vanessa’s wedding day, with its gentle and erratic rain showers, feels like a breath of fresh air. The ceremony was a traditional affair at a stunning church in all of its glory with traditional organ player made a most perfect romantic setting for such a loving couple as they exchanged their vows. When Nathan laid eyes on his stunning bride in her fitted lace gown and heavenly veil you could almost hear the breath leaving his lungs. We loved Nathan’s look of absolute joyful emotion when he saw Vanessa walking down the aisle.

After the solemnity of the ceremony, it is time for a celebration. They had their reception at Los Coyotes Country Club. The gorgeous setting is a picture perfect from beginning to end. With the garter and bouquet toss, cake cut and speeches given. There was only one thing left to do, dance! Nathan and Vanessa’s first dance was met with lots of cheer and applause.  You can sense the love from all their family and friends.

 Experience their bliss and love; re-live these moments with our video presentation.