Victoria Beach/Yorba Park Engagement: Walter + Honey

We couldn’t resist sharing a romantic engagement shoot of our lovely couple, Walter and Honey. The session was captured here at the historic setting of Yorba Park. We love the flourish of natural colors of outdoors shoot which made a perfect backdrop for Walter and Honey flashy outfit.

They wanted a session with a picnic theme. They brought all the props, the flowers, sweets, and champagnes. This delightful shoot captured by our team with a simple and serene setting which gave us of lots of lovely lighter color tones, as well as making use of the lovely natural light. Walter and Honey wore outfits which complimented each other so well.  Not to mentions their kids, who are both stylish and smart.  The strong bond between them was evident from the start and very heart warming. The natural images which reflect the mood of the moment and some tenderness and affection between our couple is our ultimate goal. They were so playful yet wonderful tender with each other- a joy to photograph.

But we are still not over, Walter and Honey continued our engagement shoot at Victoria Beach. This shoot was calm, peaceful and dreamily romantic. As the sun lowered in the sky, we were able to capture beautiful tender moments between our lovely pair! The light was just beautiful that evening. The light gave options creating some interesting silhouettes. Walter and Honey were such good company and needed little direction. They’re so fit naturally together.

With the super talented photographer, Russ and Thet (LOL) capturing moments of our gorgeous couple. The style is just stunning. The light, the laughter, the love story - this makes for one seriously gorgeous engagement shoot.

Congratulations to Walter and Honey! We wish you happiness on your upcoming wedding.

We are delighted to share the results of our photo shoot.