Taglyan Cultural Complex Wedding Preview: Henry + Kat

Wedding Date: September 10, 2017
Ceremony and Reception Venue: Taglyan Cultural Complex

It is always in the simplest gestures that great joy resides, like the glance of the eye which flickers the soul. Such little moments make for great memories. A divine moment of love between Henry and Kat.  They celebrated their union in this beautiful European-inspired venue – Taglyan Cultural Complex.  The breathtaking backdrops never failed us for awesome photographs.

A beautiful day at the most stunning venue for this lovely couple as they married amongst friends and family.  Kat make-up creates the perfect balance of elegance while keeping a soft and natural look. She looked so pretty and elegant in her dress and it was great to see they had chosen green for the bridesmaids. Their dresses work wonderfully with the dramatic stained glass ceiling of the complex. Henry looked so regal and handsome in his suit.

Their beautiful ceremony was such a sweet moment to be a part of and our team love that we are able to capture these sweet intimate moments that are the beginning of a lifetime. Kat was so calm and collective. They are such an amicable couple with genuinely lovely set of family and friends.

A beautiful day turned into a stunning evening with glorious light, so we took the opportunity for another little wander into the magnificent garden with the couple for some “golden hour” portraits. The night was full of great moments.

Deepest gratitude to Henry and Kat for bringing our team along to capture their momentous wedding day. We wish you both so much love, light and promise for the years that we know you will cherish forever.

A brilliant day in a beautiful venue with amazing people. You really couldn’t get much better. This images sums up Henry and Kat perfectly, smile and more laughter. Hope you enjoy the photos!