Save The Date: Jah and Richard

Jah and Rich have been dating for over 15 years. 15 freaking years?!! That's almost half of the lifetime for most of our clients. We can only imagine how many ups and downs,  challenges and trials they have been through. And after all these years, their relationship is still getting stronger. Less than a month from now, they will finally (it is about darn time!) tie the knot. :)

Early this year, Jah reached out to us, introduced themselves and shared to us how they envisioned their wedding celebration is going to be. After few exchanges of emails and setting proper expectations, we both signed the contract. The deal was officially 'sealed' even without meeting each other. Right then and there, trust was built between us.

We did not meet Jah and Rich until mid-August when we shot their save-the-date video shoot.  Instantly, we can tell that there was an instant rapport between the client and the vendor. It was as if we have known each other for quite some time. Shooting their video was such a breeze. That is why we could not wait for their wedding to happen this September!