Maggiano's Little Italy Wedding Preview: Ryan + Kit

Subtle simplicity is the way we can think to express the wedding of Ryan and Kit. They cut back on the details and focus more on them, on the experience of their day. They keep the décor and color simple to fit in the theme of their location. Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant is packed with unparalleled sense of class. The sophistication and one of a kind ambiance features a wide variety of settings.

Ryan and Kit chosen to keep the decorations very relaxed, simple, and elegant. The center pieces of the tables were varied white flowers, reflecting the simplicity and modesty of our couple. While the color of the wedding cake’s flower reflected the color of the bridesmaids dresses.

Kit chose a simple and elegant wedding dress, which she looked graceful and refined. While Ryan is a debonair in his gray suit.  Once the groomsmen and bridesmaid had all dressed up, we made the most wonderful Maggiano’s Restaurant to get them together for some pre-ceremony photos.

We decided to go out and do a bit of exploring for Ryan and Kit’s wedding photos. They wanted to make the most of the venue, so we took a few inside and then headed out for a walk around. We love it when we can take a bit of time away which gives the couple a chance to have some time alone together for the relaxed couple’s portraits. Ryan and Kit seemed happy to have a little time together to take all in. The setting is surrounded by Italian villa style architecture and finely manicured topiary was the picture-perfect backdrop. The fairy evening lights and character created luminous photographs that gave them so much romance and elegance.

It was a truly wonderful day. An out of ordinary venue with elegance and a lot of laughter and love. Thank you so much Ryan and Kit for asking Russ and Thet Studio to be a part of your day.

Below is a real representation of the moments we created around our beautiful clients!