Rory + Mary Wedding Video Highlights

These days, ending up with someone you knew from high school is very rare. Not only time but also distance can be a real challenge in keeping the relationship and passion alive. However, Mary and Rory are a living testament that with perseverance and committing yourself whole-heartedly to the one person who ignites your soul, there can still be a true fairy tale story in this modern day.

Right at the beginning, Mary and Rory knew exactly what they wanted. While it does not appear that they cared that much about details (but their wedding reception is so elaborate though!), they are very specific that what they really wanted are photos that depicts how the official union of their souls was celebrated. As we captured great photos, we also captured those laughter and tears of joy in a form of video. 

This is by far our most challenging wedding for 2016. We only had ourselves (Russ and Thet) do both photo and video at the same time. Thank God we got a last-minute assistant (Karina) because otherwise, we are not sure how we are going to pull this off. Mary and Rory are the last of our non-official video clients who took the risk and believe that we can capture great video of their wedding day. Moving onwards though, our video services will only come with 2 videographers. Hehehe. 

This wedding highlight will make you smile and cry at the same. We hope you enjoy watching it.