Vanessa and Ruben: Wedding Shower and Engagement Video

Some people say that true love is hard to find. While others had the opportunity(ies)to explore that thing called LOVE, few have given up their hopes of finding the destined one. For some, the cloud nine they are feeling for being loved and feeling in-love make them a bit weary; for fear that the moment they are living is just a figment of their fantasy.  Luckily for Vanessa and Ruben, they are living the reality.

Just a little over a month from now, Vanessa and Ruben will share the most momentuous day of their lives. Together, their families and friends will be their witnessess as they commit theirselves to one another into the sanctity of marriage. And we will be there too; as we capture the tears of joy, sound of laughters, warm hugs and tender kisses. But for now, we hope you enjoy this short video of their wedding shower and impromptu engagement session.