La Mirada Wedding: Daniel + Vanessa 07. 03. 16

What is your definition of a "great wedding?" By wearing a designer wedding dress? Or spending a fortune on the most romantic reception venue? For the past two years, we have been blessed with wonderful clients who brought us to the finest wedding venues and fed us with delish food and mouth-watering cakes. However, Daniel and Vanessa's wedding is just one for the books. They did not have a formal wedding reception. No father-daughter dance, no garter toss and those wedding traditions you would usually witness in a wedding.  Yet, the church was filled with hundreds of people. Everyone wanted to witness the most important event of Daniel and Vanessa's lives. On this wedding, we heard more laughter. We saw more sincere hugs and kisses. Everyone enjoyed the Cuban pastries and the sumptuous cake that was served. Now this is our definition of a "great wedding."

Vanessa is a wedding photographer herself. In fact, she is the third photographer of Russ and Thet Studio. She knows the best time of the day to capture wedding photos (and videos!). That is why we are so excited to share their wedding trailer. We hope you enjoy this video presentation from Russ and Thet Studio!