Wedding Highlight: Freddy & Donna

The way Freddy looked at Donna and the way Donna talk about Freddy, it is like reading a Nicholas Spark's novel. Time has tested the determination of these two beautiful soul. And on April 9, 2016, the deal was signed with a kiss... and an ever lasting love. 

This day started with a gloomy weather. The sun decided to peek but just for a moment. Minutes after we did the first-look, rain started pouring. But who cares? Nothing can dampen the spirit of this lovely couple. We have gorgeous floral arrangement, a wedding dress to die for, flawless hair/make up and a sleek set of groom's suit. A great bonus to have is a reliable set of bridesmaids who were really helpful (and trooper!) and totally hilarious groomsmen.  From outdoor set-up, we had to move their ceremony location exactly where the reception is held. The toast speech were touching yet hilarious. The sweets bar is mouth-watering and the food provided by Plaza de Magdalena was incredibly delicious (we are still drooling over their steak and salmon! LOL).

Indeed, there is no such thing as a perfect wedding. But aside from the minor weather issue, this wedding is the wedding we can really say that is closest to perfection. Enjoy Donna and Freddy's wedding day highlight!

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