Save The Date Video: Mary and Rory

When they got engaged, their friends and family members got nothing to say but, "FINALLY!" This was a wedding 10 years in the making. No time and distance broke Mary and Rory apart. October 28, 2016 is indeed the beginning of their happily-ever-after!

For Russ and Thet Studio, this is the beginning of our wedding videography service. :)  We learned a lot as we shot Mary and Rory's engagement session in photo and video format. Considering this Save-The-Date video was shot with only one camera man (or woman!) and no second camera equipment, we think Russ and Thet Studio did a decent job here. Editing wise, we still have a lot to learn. That being said, we are offering our video service at a very affordable rate. Contact us so we can discuss your options and we'll make your time worthwhile.

This video was uploaded in 4K resolution for optimal viewing pleasure so if you have an oh-so-awesome internet connection speed, choose 4k! Trust us, the experience is way different. But if you are having a hard time playing the video smoothly due to connection speed, just click "HD" on the bottom right corner and click either 1080P or 720p. It will still be high-definition! :)