Wedding Highlight: Kassy and Manuel

When Kassy and Manuel told us that they are going to have a backyard type of wedding, our hearts were jumping with joy. You see, backyard wedding for us means more personal, more intimate; our kind of wedding actually. You can tell that this couple, their families and friends put a lot of thought and effort together in making sure that everything on this glorious day is nothing short of perfection. And they did. Everyone was impressed and sure did had a lot of fun. The live entertainment performers and open bar certainly helped too. :)

When we went to Manuel's hotel to take his getting ready pictures, we thought how lucky Kassy is for having Manuel. Manuel is fun yet sensitive. His good looks is also a bonus. However when we saw Kassy fully made up and putting on her wedding dress, we realize that Manuel is even luckier to have Kassy in his life. Kassy is not only beautiful, she is also smart and a very level-headed person. She may be stubborn at times but she is reasonably stubborn (at least from what we heard LOL). When we did their first look, we thought Kassy was an angel descending from heaven. That is how gorgeous she was on this special day. 

We have posted teaser photos of their wedding day but we are yet to blog the full wedding pictures pending their final selection. We were also happy to see one of their engagement photos serving as the "welcome photo". For now, we are excited to share this wedding day highlight. :)