2016: The best is yet to come!

The year 2015 has been very good to us. We acquired better photography equipments, attended more seminars, covered dozens of weddings, ate tens of cakes and had counteless of tears during wedding vow and father and daughter dance. It was indeed an exciting and fruitful year for us.

First, we have officially started offering our photobooth service. Oh yeah, photobooth! We figured since we are already offering wedding photography service, why not offer top of the line photo booth service experience? Won't it be amazing to get photo prints that have high quality resolution and properly exposed photos? Our photobooth service offers the same caliber of photos we offer for wedding: crisp, vibrant and fun!

Another thing we are excited to announce is that we are going to offer wedding video services probably sometime June. We are in the process of building our portfolio for video so if you are in a tight but would still like to document your wedding via video, your prayers have just been answered. We also offer 4k drone service at very affordable rate. :)

If you haven't noticed, we gave our website a facelift. It is still a work in progress so forgive us if some of the posts do not have proper lay out. We had a hard time migrating the data but we are doing our best (and cramming) to fix these issues.

We have tons of engagements, holiday portraits and weddings that we are yet to blog. But for now, please enjoy this panoramic mountain views from Molly and Reza's winter engagement session. :)

DSC_3569 copy

DSC_0262 copy

DSC_4134 copy

DSC_0583 copy