Jonathan + Genesie: Same-Day Edit Slideshow

With the wedding season being almost over, we are swamped with tons of edits to do. We have not had any updates on this blog for more than two months and trust us when we say we got tons of updates. But we are breaking the "pattern" for an extremely special couple.

Jon and Gen are not just "clients." They are friends. They are family. So when they requested to us if we can upload their photoslideshow within the week (since they missed it during the wedding), we did not hesitate to say yes!

For some of you who are not familiar with the same-day edit term, the same-day edit slideshow is a random selection of their wedding photos that are straight out of cam. In other words, these are UNEDITED (with the exception of the last photo) photos shown during the wedding reception.

It is already 1:15 in the morning and we know that they are leaving for their honeymoon so we want to send them some good vibes through this simple presentation.  Enjoy the slideshow and please do not forget to click on the "HD" button for better viewing pleasure! :)