The Wedding Video Highlight of Alex and Jessica

Alex and Jessica’s wedding was epic; full of wonderful moments. We love this wedding for so many reasons. It is not just because Murietta California was a gorgeous location of their wedding but because it had all the components that made it special. . Alex and Jessica were just so in love and it really showed in this video. They are really a “superb” couple. Their friends and family were just so supportive, fun-loving and loved them back with such intensity. Their guest made the party happening and the family members who treated our team as family.

Alex and Jessica were so loved by their friends and family. You can see it. The energy of that day was awesome. As they said their vows, Alex had only eyes for Jessica and her radiant face glowed with love. There were so many conversation, jokes, laughs, hugs and smiles in that evening. They were tightly wrapped up into each other. We witnessed that they are totally in love. The love that is unconditional and warm. The love that is selfless and giving. There were so many moments that were incredibly beautiful and it’s impossible to describe! Their wedding was stunning but more significantly it was FUN! Alex and Jessica are always laughing and the day was nothing short of laughter and fun.

Alex and Jessica’s wedding was truly a touching and memorable wedding for the team. It was a wedding that reminds us why we are doing what we do. We captured the love between these two individuals who are absolutely in love with each other. It’s a celebration of love, hope, gratefulness and happiness. Everyone was happy, it was perfect. This is the magic of videography; it is not just it can create stories but knowing that it made such a difference in someone’s life capturing memories that can relived again and again and  helping them remember the day, how they felt - it makes us truly happy.

To Alex and Jessica, thank you very much. Wishing the both of you a wonderful marriage together, may you always have that sparkle in your eyes as you look at each other through the years!

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Huntington Beach Wedding Video Highlights: Issa + Claire

The celebration of marriage is one of significant chapter in the complexity of life. Issa and Claire’s wedding was filled with lots of love, laughter and warmth. We love wedding like these. A wedding that emanates so much joy and feeling, it makes us smile and made us feel so alive. From the time we met them both, there was this special something in the air. They are like two people who are worlds apart, and yet you can feel they were totally meant for each other. Unbreakable, and yet completely in love.

We had loads of fun at this wedding. Issa and Claire’s wedding “WOW” us during the reception as they danced (and by dance, I mean professional standards, as Claire is really a dancer!) Their first dance was nothing I had seen before. We totally enjoyed it. We can see how much Issa loves Claire. They complement each other so well.  The word fun radiates from the relationships our couple shared with the people around them.

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Issa and Claire Wedding Highlight from russandthetstudio on Vimeo.