My name is Russell. I am obsessed with cars specifically to MR2. I love to draw. I play musical instuments (guitar and piano) but I don't sing. But I can dance. I never get tired of In n Out burgers and can eat any fast food all week long. I am a super fan of John Mayer. Thet and I are really opposite in almost about everything. I love sweets, she doesn't. She loves to read, I can't bear it (LOL). While I take my sweet time in almost everything, she is always in a rush. I can go on an on about how different we are from each other but one thing is for sure: we are like YINGYANG. We "balance" each other. Her strengths are my weaknesses and my greatest assets are the things she needs to work on. In short, we complement each other. On a more serious note, I am the one responsible for the day-to-day operations of our studio.  Lighting and "pretty-fying" your picures are my forte. I am the technical director and main photographer of Russ and Thet Studio.

My name is Thet.  Collector of John Grisham books. Super fan of Michael Buble. Avid watcher of Criminal Minds. A sushi-nator (oh yeah! I can chow down plates of sushi in a minute!). I am a corporate junkie by weekday, events photographer by weekends and Russ and Thet Studio's customer service manager 24/7.  I am the creative director and second shooter of Russ and Thet Studio so mediocrity is not an option.

Russ and I met during the infant stage of 'chatrooms' in 2002. It wasn't really a love at first sight or chat, for that matter. It was more like "repulsion at first sight." (haha!) As Russell said, we are totally opposite in almost all aspects of life. It is like north and south, day and night, fire and water. Ask me what made me decide that he is the 'one' and I will tell you with all honesty- I DONT KNOW. There are just many things about my gorgeous husband that even Mr. Webster could not define. All I know is that I found that one person I want to annoy for the rest of my life. LOL So after 5 years of long distance relationship, we tied the knot in 2007. It was the beginning of a real life 'Tom n Jerry' married life story.

I am the second photographer, customer relations representative and production manager of Russ and Thet Studio.  While Russell is more of a classic photographer, my approach is photojorunalistic so you can expect more candid photos from me (Yep! You're getting both worlds in us - candid and classic!). When brides and grooms don't have any idea where to shoot at and what to wear, that is when I step in. I provide location and outfit recommendations and if time permits, I also set up props to make your engagement session even more fun!

Although I enjoy my full time job at a fast fashion company, the joy that wedding photography brings to me is just priceless. Despite of covering close to a hundred weddings, I still cry during the bridal march and father-daughter dance (heck! I will always be aDaddy's girl!). I can't help but feel hopeless romantic during the newlywed's first dance. I enjoy the cake and cake, and even more cake! I have tons of stories to tell about how wonderful (and sometimes, crazy!) wedding celebrations are so if you got a minute for a wedding consultation, I will make sure that I will make your time worthwhile :)