Quiet Cannon Wedding: Nancy + Pablo

September 16, 2017. It was a fine sunny day. The bride was drop dead gorgeous with her beautiful dress and flawless make up. The groom was equally dashing and looking sharp on his suit. The bridal squad looked amazing and the groom's party all looked charming. Everyone enjoyed not just the ceremony but the great and overflowing food at the reception. The most awaited day of their lives finally happened. Witness Nancy and Pablo's wedding highlight below. Enjoy!

Monterey Hill Restaurant Wedding: Erica + Evelyn

In a world and time where you really have to fight for your right, Erica and Evelyn's wedding is such a breather for us. Unknown to many, we have family members back in the Philippines who are proud members of the LGBTQ group. This is the reason why we could not be more honored to participate in their wedding. We felt so much sincerity when they said their vows to one another. At some point, our vision became blurry as we try to hold back our tears. We truly share their happiness as they finally found their RIDE or DIE. 

This wedding was packed with emotion: anxiety, tears of joy, laughter and of course, some crazy great dancing. While I am still finishing the rest of their wedding pictures, I am excited to share to you their wedding day highlight. :)